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  1. ➡ Please Read ⬅ You are botting agility. Agility has a high ban rate. Please read the following if you want to protect your account. Do not bot more than 6 hours of agility a day, regardless of the intervals that you use. Do not use a course that is below your recommended level (Ex. Gnome Stronghold at level 30 agility). Pause the script and do something different every once in a while such as chat with your friend's, complete a farm run, kill a boss, etc... Most scripts can only use fixed mode. This one can use resizable mode. Please consider choosing the latter. This note isn't meant to scare you off or anything; it is simply a warning. This script pretty much randomizes all its actions so you shouldn't have to worry too much about ban rates; a lot of users are using this script safely. As a script writer, one of the most common ways of getting banned is by playing extended hours a day. If your total game time exceeds 15 hours a day, then something's wrong, regardless of the activity that you were doing whether you were switching up activities or not. Setup: This script works with both Fixed and Resizeable mode as long as Size (Resized Window) > Size (Fixed Window). Make sure to zoom all the way out of your screen (minimum zoom). Make sure "Always Hide Roofs" is turned on. Read over the Configuration Section below if you have any questions about the configuration. Start the script close to or on the course of choice. If you start the script and nothing shows up, try restarting the client (you may have a caching error). Otherwise, I probably messed up somewhere. Description: If you have any features you would like me to add, please let me know. I'll try to make this script as AIO as I can. Current features the following courses: Gnome Stronghold Draynor Village Al-kharid Varrock (Beta) Canifis Falador (Beta) Seer's Village (diaries teleport will be implemented Soon™) Pollnivneach Relekka Ardougne (Beta) Supports Run Enabling Supports Potion Drinking (Only on items with "Drink" option) Supports Food Eatting (Only on items with "Eat" option) Supports Hazardous Threshold Script Stopping Advanced Anti-ban (Break Scheduling, Widget Hovering, etc) Advanced Anti-pattern (Camera Rotation & Rotation Frequency, Course Mis-clicking, etc) Screenshots: Graphical Interface: Prodigies (v1.*.* Outdated): Configuration: First off, please don't try to break the script (Ex. Eat food at 80hp you only have 30hp.) I do minimal error checking in your variables. There are 3 main types of distributions that this script uses. If you want to protect your account, I highly suggest that you make your own custom profile and stick with it. If you're going to have breaks longer than 5 minutes, I suggest you input your account credentials into the bot's interface. The script is very client friendly; it should be able to mimic a client re-log from time to time. Gaussian Distribution: A number is generated around a center mean with it's spread being separated as standard deviations. If min and max are available, the number will not be greater or lower than either of the two. Uniform Distribution: A number is generated within a minimum and a maximum constraint. All numbers within this constraint have an equal chance of being selected. Constant: The number will always be the same, regardless of the situation. Anti-ban Weighting: The anti-ban system works exactly like a slayer master; each task has it's own weighting and the chance that you get a certain task increases in parallel with other task weightings. For example, if Task A had a weighting of 1 and Task B had a weighting of 2, then the chances of each task is 33.3%, 66.6% respectively. If you have additional anti-ban features you would like me to add, let me know in the comments below. FAQ: 1. I can't see the "Start Script" button! This is a known issue that occurs on MacOS systems; the buttons are automatically resized by your OS and as a result, the GUI turns out to be a mess. You will need to resize your interface to see the button. This should be fixed past v2.0.1's GUI overhaul update. 2. The script is stuck here picking up a mark, moving to a location, etc...! Please take a screenshot of the location and send it to me, private message or in the comments below. Describe the probably as accurately as you can and I'll be able to fix it. Varrock is known to have dead tiles. Please use full screen resizable mode so the script can see the end of the course. 3. I am stuck at the log-in screen after the break / 6 hour limit! There is a problem with resizable clients; the log-in button fails to register and you are not able to log back in. I've submitted a bug report; we'll both have to wait. In the meantime, you can use Fixed Mode if you so wish, although I highly do not recommend that you do, nor that you bot 6 hour of agility in a day. This problem should be fixed as of RSBot-7022. 4. The script isn't moving! Did you select the correct script? You may also have a caching error; try restarting your client. If the problem persists, let me know below. 5. The script isn't picking up marks! Did you disable the mark collector? You may also have a caching error; try restarting your client. If the problem persists, let me know below. 6. Do you plan on adding more courses? Sorry, my agility level may not yet be high enough for a course. I may also be busy with other scripts. But you can always lend me an account if you want a course added quicker... Just achieved 99 agility on my main! If you would like a course added that I don't have already, let me know down below. 7. I got banned using the script! My condolences. Although this is what I try to avoid, few select individuals may still be caught. Check the latest posts for "I got banned!" comments before using a course, and if any patches were made thereafter. And please let me know the type of ban and the course you were running so I can determine what to change in the script. Changelog: Jan 28 / 2018 - Thread Published, Last Minute Changes before SDN Jan 28 / 2018 R2 - Now on SDN Jan 28 / 2018 R3 - Canifis Alpha Added & Resizable Support Jan 30 / 2018 - Canifis moved to Beta; Falador planned next. Jan 31 / 2018 - Falador moved to Alpha; Seer's Village next. Jan 31 / 2018 R2 - Added more randomization and course warnings. Feb 5 / 2018 - Falador moved to Beta, Seer's Village to Alpha. Pollnivneach next. Feb 7 / 2018 - GUI Update Feb 13 / 2018 - Futher Anti-ban Update and Mouse Speeds. Pollniveach is done, on dev mode right now. Mar 8 / 2018 - GUI Overhaul, Antiban Update, etc. Aug 7 / 2018 - Added Ardougne as alpha. Aug 8 / 2018 - Fixed some obstacles on Ardougne. Moved Ardougne to Beta. Removed unused notification messages.