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  1. DyeMaker by Alexisblack Features Banking at the Lumbridge and Draynor banks Create all colored dyes Pick onions near sheep farm in Lumbridge Anti-Pattern When selecting items to interact with Aggie the witch, a random item is selected. random camera pitch when adjusting camera to view Aggie Requirements No requirements, this is a easy money making method for f2p. You can collect onions in large amounts and later turn them into yellow dye. Setup Collecting Onions Start in Lumbridge bank Deposit entire inventory in bank to maximize inventory space Run script in fixed mode Creating Dyes Start in Draynor Bank Deposit entire inventory to maximize inventory space Withdraw amount of gold you would like to spend making dyes (each dye costs 5 gp) Run script in fixed mode Currently Working On: optimizing code (removing redundant code, making necessary conditions) Better paint Better GUI Todo: Add ingredient collection for other dyes (Redberry, Woad leaf) Screenshots Available on the SDN here