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  1. Hi, thanks for the reply. I was not aware that this was a hotspot so to speak, I just thought that without the possibility of being reported by another player would kind of eliminate the whole flagging thing. Maybe that is truly where I f*cked up. Also, the time used figure I gave was just a guesstimation as I haven't really kept a close track of my time used, I just knew I haven't used it for days on end for multiple weeks kind of thing like i'm guessing some people will. I figured with the integrity of the script, being so well performing and strong antiban, that I would be relatively safe! As I am not usually inclined to bot these days, only in the old days of RS2 was I frequently botting (When we actually used to get away with it, lol) Hence why I have only used premium scripts. My main intention for this message was just to let you as the dev know, and players that might have used this closely to how I have, they might be compromised already by the force! As this was the only script I have been using. That Twatjex might actually be on to something, but as you have strongly stated this might just be misuse of the product.
  2. Hi, This is not a shot at developer, simply for notification purposes. Used this script on my pure account for about 7 hours (Over the last three days) in between questing, minigame playing and PKing. This script was used inside my POH with the portal locked, so out of view from other players at all times. The anti ban system of this script actually looked impressive and randomized (When compared to other alching scripts i've used in the past) This morning when i tried to log in, both my main account which is hand played and 4,700 days old, and the pure account which is 90% hand played, were both permanently banned without appeal. Shocked at the lack of remorse from Jagex on this occasion seeing as it is also my first every botting offence which has been listed as 'Macroing - Major' on the offence list. Didn't think this level of botting without reward would have been considered major. (I thought major would be a case of 30+ bots used to gold farm and RWT etc.) Just wanted to let other users know and also for the dev to maybe look into the recent updates. Just a heads up - might be worth trading your goods over to an alt account for a few days if you have been using this. Sorry to bear the bad news! Hopefully I can get my main account unbanned Has anybody else had this type of punishment from Jagex, one or more account banned regardless of botting on it or not?