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  1. OSRS updates every Thursday so wouldn tof been yesterday if there were any issues but should be okay on that front. If it happens again can you get the log so I can see what/why it’s looping? Thanks
  2. Thanks for the feedback mate! If you get time if you let me know what the hiccups are I can take a look
  3. It walks away from the door so it has long enough to get gap between the npc and has time to answer the puzzle. If it’s going back and forth you probably have no run energy So my suggestions would be to either get a higher agility level, or bring super energy pots or stamina’s.
  4. iDzn

    OSRS firemaking bot

    Wouldn't be hard to counter that though really.
  5. Try clearing your cache and restarting once logging into OSRS. Also try playing on a larger window as that typically solves camera issues.
  6. Just a tip, should do if inventory is full or inventory value above x GP, otherwise getting ded at 27 invent slots will be shit lol
  7. The client can only break if you’re in a ‘safe’ place, if you’re in combat then it is unable to break, again this is a client thing and nothing to do with the script.
  8. It exists as a safety feature. I can add a toggle to enable or disable it or if the client has a flag when breaks are enabled I can do it automatically but if it gets stuck doing something outside of nmz it won’t terminate.
  9. The bank pin should be handled by the client, as there’s no way for me to get the information you save in the client to keep your account details safe thus even if I added a check to see if it’s requesting a pin, I wouldn’t be able to enter the info as it’s not accessible by the script itself. If it persists try posting in the client support.
  10. The checking log in is just a background check and will have no relation to the ban whatsoever, I’ll check out telealching though thanks.