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  1. I've updated it, it was looking for "Smoke" from Smoke battle staff whereas Mystic smoke staff has a lowercase 's' as it's the second word in.
  2. 1. What is the mouse hovering over? Check the log in any case to see why it’s. Not entering. 2. It records how much supplies you used each trip, and then adds a little more to make sure there will be enough for a full trip round, but also checks run energy, if you’re not using stamina’s or energy potions that’s probably why. I’d suggest using these or tick the clan was restore each time, that won’t bank if you have enough supplies like you say. You’re using pizzas for food, if you didn’t already know, the ID changes per state of the pizza so when you’ve got an invent full of half pizzas it thinks you have no food because it isn’t the same item you started with. 3. The bot brings whatever food and potions you start with in your inventory, doesn’t decide for you. 3.1 will look into it leaving air runes behind.
  3. Code is activating fine and I've checked the ID's and everything which seems strange, what was it doing instead of clicking to door? The lines you see in the log, Opening doors out of the room, it prints this AFTER the it tries to interact with the door. EDIT: I just tried it myself now and it worked fine. Try restarting the client.
  4. After discussion with @ChopChoclate I've made some updates. Switching is much faster, now looks like: -Increased general mouse speed significantly. -Added option to portal restore after each chest, it won't bank if you have enough supplies to continue but if not then it will.*** This is off by default and is on the second page if you wish to enable it. ***I have tested this but everyone runs differently so just let me know any issues or bugs people come across with it and I'll get on it.
  5. Updated absorption withdrawals. Previously it would just type in a random number however seems more human like to type in 3 of the same number as that's easier? so just picks a number 1-9 and hits it 3 times.
  6. When you switch, you know you've switched because you can see it. The switching and the checking are different computations. Not only that but the amount of people who are unable to correctly select their own switches there is a hefty amount of debug info that needs to be printed into the log because much like you, when people complain they give no details whatsoever. That also adds up. You then have to account for different grades of hardware, you can't expect a $100 laptop to be able to perform as well as a $1000 thus it has to recheck it's done all the switches correctly in case it lagged and missed one. Again, you haven't told me what was wrong in the first place but to save me completely repeating myself, humans have eyes. You can see what doors are visible, what pathway you need to take, almost instantly. When entering the tunnels there are algorithms that take place to calculate all of this. If you have the supplies in your inventory why would you waste time running back to the portal? It's quicker to just tele back to barrows and complete another run. If you don't want to do multi runs, bring less supplies. And if your argument is that it costs more then why are you using super restores?! I added super restores as they are a form of restoring prayer but why anyone would use them baffles me because they're more expensive. For normal people who don't take 7 way switches it is the same to just dump everything and withdraw again, see explanation below. I use a 4 way switch which consists of avas, bp, dhide body & chaps. Really all that's necessary. Starting with the bank open these are the steps I have to do. Deposit all - 1 Withdraw Spade - 2 Withdraw 4 switches - 6 Withdraw ppots - 7 Withdraw food - 8 Withdraw tele - 9 including deposit all, that's 9 things it has to do. Heres how you are suggesting to do it. Deposit mind rune - 1 Deposit chaos rune - 2 Deposit death rune - 3 Deposit coins - 4 Deposit potential barrows item - 5 Deposit half used prayer potion - 6 Withdraw more tele - 7 Withdraw more potions - 8 Withdraw more food - 9 Rewriting the banking method seems pointless for no gain. However when you're not raging and want to have an actual constructive conversation, feel free to let me know specifics and what happened, accompanied with the log at the time of it happening and we can get those issues ironed out you. Oh and also, if you've had a look at some of the other barrows bots on the market, they're horrendously slow.
  7. Hi ChopChocolate, Thanks for the feedback, I have 2 videos on the main page of the thread showing how it runs. I see that you're running on quite a decent account, 85 mage should be high enough to not hinder the speed at all. However bringing a 7 way switch seems a bit overkill and likely took up time not only setting up to select all your options but also to switch those items too. Not sure if the script banked when it started for you however including script set up time, 3 chests in 25 minutes (minus setup time most probably less) but averages around 7.5 chests an hour. Also something I don't record data on is use of stamina and energy potions, when/if stamina runs out, significantly increases time per chest. Not only that but the you may also have gotten unlucky with the maze spawns, as some can be a 2 room maze, others can be 7+. Plenty of stats and videos on the main page.
  8. @bindingRS when starting the script in fixed screen if not already on the magic tab, it does flick between checking animation & logged in but once it's got past that (a second or two) it continues. I have updated it now and removed that delay however.
  9. Same day bans are practically non existent unless it’s a fresh account, you were likely banned from the last script you ran.