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  1. Lantern

    Max Cape

    basically doesn't want to use a middleman because most middleman apparently won't hold gp longer than 5 days
  2. Lantern

    Max Cape

    DISCLAIMER: I have posted quite a few requests and have been bad about getting the threads closed once they have been completed, my apologies. REQUEST: Obtain 2277 total level with a starting total level of 1750. I am looking for a skilled individual who would be willing to work with a payment agreement to make continual progress on my account towards 2277 total level. I will likely put down a deposit of around 150-250M to get us started. We can negotiate a fair payment agreement. The account will be members for 6+ months. An example of an agreement I'd be willing to accept would be: 250M down (you'll do 250M worth of work), 100M each week or 200M every two weeks. You would complete 100M worth of work that week or 200M over the course of two weeks. Terms: - There will be daily/weekly experience gained and progress made. Whether we set it at a bare minimum of X amount of exp. gained each day or a weekly amount. - You will do this service 100% hand done. Screenshots must be able to be provided at my request. You do not have to stream, but that is a plus. - You will stay in contact with me each day and update me on the progress. We may workout arrangements to exchange phone numbers / whatsapp numbers for better communication. - If for any reason the account is banned for botting, RWT, or any other reason and the account is scuffed, you agree to either pay the value of the account or re-make the account itself. Post below if you are interested in helping me obtain the cape. Note: If you have less than 350 feedback, a middleman will be used. Feel free to contact me on Discord: Zach#2339
  3. Please contact me on Skype Meatdog-on-cx 

  4. Lantern

    Cheap Graphics

    What's your name?
  5. Lantern

    12 months XBL for 30M 07

  6. Lantern

    12 months XBL for 30M 07

    Title. Skype: zach.pb or discord: Zach#2339
  7. Lantern

    Looking for site banner

    I can help you out. Send me a PM or add my skype: zach.pb
  8. Lantern

    Selling 180M 07gp

  9. Lantern

    Selling 180M 07gp

    finally sold my main, now i can quit selling 180m 07gp for paypal let me know add my skype: zach.pb or discord: zach#2339
  10. Account has been sold. Close.
  11. Lantern

    [Sponsor] Selling MAXED staker

    PM me, I have an account I'd sell to you now with less offenses.
  12. Lantern

    new account

    What about excluding level requirements? Just needed the outfits
  13. Lantern

    Cheap Graphics