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  1. Chris


    Lower miles be good
  2. Chris


    That’s not an RSBot message so likely script specific limit
  3. Chris


    z650 is nice i wanted a z250 but i ended up getting a bigger bike
  4. Chris

    Cart issue

    If it expired today you need to wait until tomorrow to buy it
  5. Chris

    Cart issue

    Would need to see the console log for errors.
  6. Chris


    indicator and brake is from a crash clutch and chain are just wear and tear power loss is fuel injection I think idk
  7. Chris


    yeh but im poor my bike has its MOT due in less than 2 weeks and I have had no time to fix anything, needs a new chain, brake light switch, and indicator is snapped also keeps losing power and needs a new clutch
  8. You have adware on your system, you should scan with a program like malwarebytes
  9. You need jdk 8 for mac, not jre. If you have later vdersions installed (9 10 11) they need to be removed
  10. Chris


    lovely bikes, think I will get a faired bike next though
  11. You need to post script issues on the scripts designated support topic, include the log (help->view log)
  12. No, they flag accounts and typically ban them following updates. You were caught prior.
  13. If they do not respond I can reach out to them via email and a staff member can hold the gold
  14. Osrs is not outdated What is in your error log?