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  1. Good series’ to watch?

    Patriot The Americans
  2. rswalmart sucks

    weird, most gold sites don't try to profit
  3. watching anime is nothing to do with anything the guy said unless you take it extremely literally to the point where you have to have down syndrome
  4. Manual goldfarm / account farm

    people like chuckle and wyd can train like 20 accounts at once by themselves, no need to pay an army
  5. recently back to powerbot

    You have to follow the steps above but substitute JagexLauncer.exe for RSBot-7054.exe
  6. The SaraTastic thread.

    loads of people pretend to be girls to get money online and get online girls to write stuff on themselves to prove it or just photoshop
  7. The SaraTastic thread.

    sara was a guy lol
  8. no scripts but i've added them

    You have only added RS3 scripts. If you're playing OSRS you need to click the OSRS tab on the scripts page.
  9. & My Girl Makes My Condom stretch & Ping.

    if you aren't aware that porn sites exist then boy are you in for a treat when you grow up
  10. Can't run scripts? *Fixed

    RSBot was updating and has been updated
  11. java installation problem
  12. Bank Pin Not Working on powerbot client?

    it's working for me, I will set a pin on a new acc and test it on that
  13. bots

  14. botch

    open as many as you want