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  1. Chris

    Issue loading rsbot in ubuntu 16.04lts

    It works on ubuntu but not all ISOs, IIRC it's due to being ran headless or something. I use RSBot on OVH vps's and it works fine with their 16.04 iso.
  2. it's not frozen it's hidden behind an invisible layer, you need to drag RSBot out of the way
  3. Chris

    Need some images creating

    PM me a cost and examples of work
  4. Chris

    Ram usage problems

    test it with the client and not the bot and see if the difference is the same
  5. Chris

    Issue loading rsbot in ubuntu 16.04lts

    Enter the commands from my post instead of the ones you are using, effectively specifying RSBot as the agent rather than running it directly
  6. Chris

    Issue loading rsbot in ubuntu 16.04lts

    Use these instructions I can't remember what the cause of this was, works on some ubuntu isos and not others.
  7. Chris

    Issue loading rsbot in ubuntu 16.04lts

    the bar would be across the top of your screen, if its not showing you would need to run it from terminal and show us any errors
  8. Chris

    Error loading game

    Sadly I don't know your system to be able to give detailed advise. Just Google the name of your antivirus with disable Internet security or firewall, Google your operating system with disable firewall, if you're on a shared network contact your network administrator
  9. Chris

    java error You need 32 bit Java. (x86).
  10. Chris

    Error loading game

    Well I gave you 3 possibilities so trial and error would be playing with the settings of those things or turning them off and seeing what makes it work
  11. Chris

    java error

    As the message is telling you, you need Java 1.8 (32bit)
  12. Chris

    run time help

    it doesn't shut off on the hour, there is a random amount of minutes added on
  13. Chris

    persistent storage location

    which files might you be referring to
  14. Chris

    [OSRS] Rob's Tutorial Island

    That'd be nice