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  1. Chris

    Airman697 TWC Appeal

  2. Chris

    TWC never removed?

  3. Chris

    Airman697 Appeal

    Unbanned. Change your password and set up 2FA to further protect your account.
  4. Chris

    Airman697 Appeal

    Your account was accessed by someone other than yourself and was banned for safety. You will need to post a virus scan and we can then unban the account.
  5. Chris

    Upload picture from phone?

    The process is the same, you take the picture then upload it to imgur to share it
  6. Chris

    Auto Fight

    FamousFighter is popular
  7. message me his info
  8. Chris

    £500 Reward (Banned) Read this

  9. Chris

    Will Parker As Been Sent To Prison 😪

    no different to the us, it's a repeat offence
  10. Chris

    Will Parker As Been Sent To Prison 😪

    bell end i gave him my number to message me if he goes back
  11. Chris


    which script is trying to log into a pvp world?
  12. Chris

    kevink97's ban dispute

    nothing has changed
  13. Chris

    Account blacklisted?

    It's assumed, but you'd have to ask Jagex for confirmation..
  14. Chris

    2 accounts at the same time

    They can most likely detect multiple accounts on the same machine, what they do with that information though is really unknown.