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  1. [8th Annual] powerbot Awards Nominations

    idk that's why I unpinned it lol
  2. "not quite up to your standard" and "service provider/trader defines their own standard" are the complete opposites I am unsure of the confusion no, it means do a good job and not a bad or sub-par one the benefit of real feedback is that you can actually learn from it rather than being told "wow 5 stars" even if you did a terrible job
  3. Can I receive a refund for this script?

    it refunds it just says error you posted in the wrong topic yesterday it looks like
  4. [8th Annual] powerbot Awards Nominations

    you would be correct
  5. what he said isn't correct
  6. [8th Annual] powerbot Awards Nominations

    last message to him was that day also, 8 days ago
  7. Can I receive a refund for this script?

    he would add it for you if you tell him it's missing
  8. [8th Annual] powerbot Awards Nominations

    me and roba are bffs pre much
  9. Safe?

    all .exe and .jar files say that, and pretty much always have if you don't trust us then don't save it, if you do trust us - do
  10. [8th Annual] powerbot Awards Nominations

    no but the admin team is small and I don't want to offend anyone
  11. [8th Annual] powerbot Awards Nominations

    cant vote for self
  12. you are just steady king gucci went from 0 to a million in 1 name change
  13. [8th Annual] powerbot Awards Nominations

    Mod of the Year @Yoshiki Sponsor of the Year lester1205 Developer of the Year (Script Writer, Premium Script Writer, Scholar, Fellow) @Artificial Retard of the Year @King Gucci Best New Member of the Year (joined in 2017) @thebonobo Best Member of the Year scammer of the Year @BigMatt
  14. The same rules will be applied to everyone, there will not be an exception for you.