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  1. Chris

    NicktoonfromRunesc neutral feedback

    Are we still on target for the 25th or what is happening?
  2. Chris

    RSBot not working

    Delete your Jagex cache and it may work, else ensure you're on the latest version of OSX
  3. Chris

    Help? New to this

    download the exe for windows, if you have the correct java installed it will work
  4. Chris

    MasterChopper OS

    if it's getting stuck it's because it thinks the bank booth is on the screen when it isn't so changing the zoom very slightly should at some point make it realise it's not on the screen, what do you mean about the scrolling?
  5. Chris

    MasterChopper OS

    changing your zoom level will likely resolve this
  6. Chris

    How many total script runs a day do you guys get?

    To save you time we average around 7000 unique users on the client per day, can be as low as 5000 or as high as 15000. This number has been steady for over 2 years (I haven't checked back further). Worth noting that people don't bot daily so this is not indicative of our user base.
  7. Chris

    thetaf Ban apeal Readd first

    We can attempt to reach out ourselves, but we would recommend you pardon yourself on Sythe to add credibility to your appeal here.
  8. Chris

    thetaf Ban apeal Readd first

    You don't need to paste the same response, it adds nothing. You scammed someone and are appealing it. You're claiming there is nothing to refund, yet you can't supply proof of this. Clearly we are not going to take your word for it, else every scammer can return and say "whoopsie, it's all ok now".
  9. Chris

    thetaf Ban apeal Readd first

    Scamming is scamming. If you're making claims you need to defend them, i.e you need to prove your claim that he did not lose anything.
  10. Chris

    thetaf Ban apeal Readd first

    It's not for no reason, the reason is clearly stated. Have you refunded the person(s) you scammed?
  11. Chris

    RSBot not working
  12. hello i cant dowload is virus fail?

    1. Chris


      there is no virus in RSBot

  13. Chris

    Membership transaction pending??

    You seem to have sorted it, pm me if not
  14. Chris

    OSRS Quick Miner

    click Script->Play in rsbot
  15. Chris

    Cant log in on client