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  1. Glad to hear the rules are still the same. 

    Been a long time.

  2. Chris

    I feel I am being harassed by a mod.

    You're taking it too personally. The rule has been clarified and you're fine to let the person do services for your account. You cut a lot of the chat so there's little context, but I still don't see anything wrong. A better way to go about it would be to ask you for proof of each feedback, that would clear a lot up without the arguing.
  3. Chris

    Multiple fake profiles as his feedback

    You also reported @Nightrhode as a fake account for someone else 2 weeks ago, and they supplied me with proof of transaction. None of these 3 accounts are xLambo. edit: you reported the same user they just had a name change. there is nothing to suggest they are the same member though with all the data we have
  4. Chris

    I feel I am being harassed by a mod.

    As DBuffed has said to post your own service topic or be a "worker" you must have the requirements, however you can offer services via PM or by replying to request topics without the requirements.There are workarounds to the worker rule also but ultimately if you're giving access to someones account to anyone that isn't listed as a worker it needs to be made known to the owner of the account, and all responsibility falls on the service operator in the event anything goes wrong. I don't see any harassment, he's just trying to keep the market safe.
  5. We need to wait and see if the other user replies
  6. Chris

    rsbot 7088 wont start

  7. Chris

    cant get vip again

    The system thinks you're still a VIP but you should be able to purchase again tomorrow sorry for the inconvenience
  8. sponsor at powerbot dot org
  9. Chris


    Post as much detail about the error as you can on the scripts designated topic
  10. Chris

    Selling my OSRS pure for in game gold
  11. Ok what info do you need
  12. no ones feedback has been reset no ones posts have been reset developers forum never required any feedback You either logged into the wrong account, or you're on the wrong website. You should fix your attitude because you come across very childish.
  13. Chris

    Script not showing up in cart

    I believe the system thinks you still have the script as it expired today, you should be able to purchase it again tomorrow sorry for the inconvenience
  14. Chris

    rsbot 7088 wont start

    Main class error means you have the wrong java version. Read and follow the how to use RSBot guide at the top of this section