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  1. Jamal

    [9th Annual] powerbot Awards Nominations

    just let me auto win lol
  2. Jamal

    free money

  3. Jamal

    The State of PB's Zulrah Scripts

    3. Get banned for multiple accounts
  4. After reading the whole thread I'm happy someone finally understands the struggles that us creatives have to use to get ahead in life, I use my creativity every day meanwhile loser gamers smack their keyboard a couple times and think they've made the next big thing, just shut up yes its very good, we must support fellow artists
  5. Jamal

    What Traffic like?

  6. Jamal

    what the happened to dark mode POWERBOT

    It’s still there, scroll the the bottom and select animate theme
  7. Jamal

    Member of the year

    What’s 3% of 0
  8. Jamal

    nostalgia thread

  9. Jamal

    Member of the year

    Its me
  10. Jamal

    I cannot kill the jungle demon in MM!!

    You should safe spot it with magic, check a video guide