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  1. All the shitty side projects I did to gain general knowledge of various services, like AWS, GCP, etc. etc., finally came in handy during my internship interviews. Also got some offers for as soon as I graduate. Also graduating soon, so pretty happy about it all
  2. Resolutions should be prime numbers are larger, I agree.
  3. Black with a little sugar.
  4. Cheers mate If I do, I would lose a bet.
  5. hmm yes, I should dye my hair red too.
  6. Yeah figured. I heard he got hitched, very un-pua of him but happy to hear he got hitched nonetheless. Been botting for a while, and haven't really had many accounts banned as of yet
  7. Last I checked, people were selling at $.7-.75/mill depending on quantity.
  8. Lesser Alpha


    Yeah true. I'm British mate I want to be able to beat the Dutch traffic during rush-hour, plus who doesn't love a dope motorcycle?
  9. No worries, I wont. Yeah true, forgot about that, sorry for any incentives insensitivities just happy to see that @Daniel hasn't changed in years.
  10. That comes in a few years, Next.
  11. So... been away for a while, what have I missed?