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  1. My older videos are useing void back in pre eoc runescape, when you lost your void permently upon death. the hand cannon was the weapon i used though
  2. Just wait Ctrl the new Dark Bow video is coming this week
  3. Lets just say if a new Dark Bow video comes out this week that I am in fact, a very real person
  4. Damn you got me good on the join date but i still have 1 more trader feedback than you
  5. Sounds like a hellish nightmare but I could use one to bump my dark bow PKing video up well into the afterlife
  6. Leave him alone, he has great content and is a pretty cool person when you get to know him. Although, you could be of great help if you joined the biker gang and PKed with us. The requirements to join are snake skin boots and snake skin bandanna.
  7. Nice man, this is actually some quality content. I saw you made two more videos after this one - I'm about to check those out too