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  1. snuifkees

    SW Application

    I don't have any other scripts to show at this moment, but I had the script writer rank back at the rsbot days. I just came back recently and want to start developing again.
  2. snuifkees

    How old is everyone?

    What is 9 + 10?
  3. snuifkees

    SW Application

    Created a Miner which mines at varrock east, with the option to bank. I want to start developing scripts for powerbot since I have more fun creating them then actually playing the game, haha.
  4. snuifkees

    Messagelistener doesnt work

    Yes thanks, this works!
  5. With the messagelisteren I check if i get the message of mining, i count this and reset it when i get an ore. However when the counter gets too high it randomly picks another location. So it tries long enough for each location and doesnt loop run the locations.
  6. Update 1.1: Smart switching bewteen locations, this means when a players has a higher mining leven than you and he manages to mine the rock earlier than you it will walk to a new rock location. paint update, now keeps track of ores mined improved randoms I will try to reupload it to the powerbot github today, yesterday something went wrong.
  7. snuifkees

    Messagelistener doesnt work

    I got it to work from my main class. But how do I use it in my Mine task class? Can you give an example with the ctx.dispatcher, and where do I add the ctx.dispatcher?
  8. snuifkees

    Messagelistener doesnt work

    but I use toLowerCase()?
  9. snuifkees

    Messagelistener doesnt work

    I'm using a messagelistener, but it doesn't do anything. I'm using my messagelistener in my Task class. What am I doing wrong? My class: public class Mine extends Task implements MessageListener { @Override public void messaged(MessageEvent messageEvent) { final String msg = messageEvent.text().toLowerCase(); if (msg.contains("you swing your pick at the rock")) { noSuccesCount++; System.out.println(noSuccesCount); }else if (msg.contains("you manage to mine some")) { noSuccesCount = 0; System.out.println(noSuccesCount); } if(noSuccesCount == 3){ nextMiningLocation(); System.out.println("Next mining location"); } } }
  10. Welcome to my first script, my private script is going public. This is the first release after I ran it myself. I used it for rougly 5 a 6 hours today, no problems and no ban. Only avaible location at the moment: Varrock East Functions Random walking path Humanlike behaviour Stands at the most optimal location for iron ores Hovers random to another ore when mining Version 1.0 Please report any bugs, give some feedback and post some screens from your progress. What I want to add in the future: Improved anti-pattern Different rock locations in the area and smart switching World hopping Mouse key dropping Maybe more locations in the future, but at this moment I want to optimize the script for this specific location
  11. snuifkees

    Positive contemporary botting stories

    Good guidelines yes. All 3 unbanned? I'm going to try botting 99 mining in f2p with my own script, I've read alot about anti patterns and I have some ideas which I'll use.
  12. snuifkees

    Positive contemporary botting stories

    Nice! Did you use premium scripts or what?
  13. I see a lot of stories from people who get banned these days, but I'm interested to see who got 99's with today's RSBot. If you're very succesfull with botting at this moment please share your stories and tell how you prevent bans. Personly I bot my lvls to 60-70's and I dont bot more than 4 hours a day. When I'm botting Im most of the time present so I can always interact with the client. Also I'm currently writing my first script in a long time. If it's succesfull I'll let you know more.