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  1. Thank you, it makes me feel a little bit better about myself, I mean I have 3 years to get my self a car
  2. rzph

    Who feel dead inside?

    You may like this one more : Can you trust a backstabber's word? Are you sure you love the guy?
  3. rzph

    can i be mod

    You can't ask for a promotion, promotion comes to you not the other way around. Trust me you don't want a promotion that grants you nothing
  4. rzph


    Semester break, can it be any better?
  5. rzph

    I’ve survived 3 serious suicide attempts

    It is abnormal not to be depressed in our world, have you been outside lately?
  6. rzph

    Need RSPS Graphic Work

    Hit me up if you ever need again.
  7. rzph

    Need Professional Simple Logo designed

    If you still need hit me up, if not..have me on your buddy list for future use.
  8. rzph

    Need banner made

    still need? I can do graphic work, animated or not.
  9. expensive as fuck and bad support. buy your gold elsewhere!