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  1. I was offered 40M, still waiting for something cheaper. I had someone offer 20M but they fell through, (probably for the best).
  2. Every one of your pictures is broken.
  3. Hello, I need 1 quest done, and some AFK training on my 1 def pure. It needs to be hand done please. The 1 quest is Rescuing Evil Dave (Recipe for Disaster) with a kitten to finish getting Mithril gloves. The AFK Training portion I need 60-75 Range and 58-75 Str. The current attack level is 40 and there's a brine sabre on the account. It's a 1 def pure, please DO NOT train the attack, def, or prayer on the account. It does have ava's accumulator. Combat level 47 currently. Please PM me with a price, I will not add you on discord unless you PM with a price or post it below. Thank you<3 I need it done quick, just bought a bond for 14 days membership, please and thank you.
  4. I'd probably sell the bank, and sell the account by itself. anyone can log on, remove items, and say the items weren't there to begin with.
  5. Flapi1234


    I think you need 25 feed back to sell accounts.
  6. lol I use it for OSRS services, botting is too risky for me. Ironic I know.