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  1. can you issue refund this script hasnt been operational for the entire fucking month i purchased it. shit customer service. shit response times. and utter shit at fixing the script.. "ima fix it real quick" yea its been 2 weeks u scumbag.. such a scam and u cant say u been inactive or on a trip or anything u active as shit on here
  2. alright officially shittiest customer support ever experienced in my life waste of 5$ entirely
  3. has been another week since u said ud fix it.. dont think it takes that long to add one click to the end of the script..
  4. has been messed up for weeks "supposedly" is working on it now @bashbro700
  5. ty should be easy fix since all u have to make it do is click.. it hovers over correct option just add a click please been waiting 2 weeks now for a simple fix... 100% should add credit to scripts considering didnt even take notice of comments for weeks
  6. i messaged u a copy/paste from log as i couldnt find how to send it all but seems u should find error easily sent u copy/paste from the log
  7. is script fixed for making gold jewelry yet? hovered over bracelet etc without clicking before? EDIT: week later script still hovers over jewelry without making it. some type of credit or refund i hope
  8. alright now its been several days since i bought the script and it hasnt been functional the entire time with no response from coder.. sick script.. even better customer support.
  9. ok so new UI is causing it as i guessed hopefully can be fixed soon as i have like 20k gold bracelets to make and alch haha