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  1. Bumder7

    Looking for 80-90 Str Hand done

    Account will have supplies + bonds. Will need for it to be hand done screenshots will be requested. Current stats 40 Att 80 Str 40 Def 43 Prayer No other stats should be levelled. Please let me know price and time frame. I will be happy to go first to trusted members
  2. Bumder7

    Need 40 Def Quest'd F2P

    Hello, I am looking for someone who can Quest me 40 defence on F2P with DS done. You can get defence to 25 odd and complete dragon slayer . Account has: 40 att 52 str 1 def 1 pray Will go first to trusted members. PayPal or OSRS GP
  3. Bumder7

    F2P 1 def Pure, need 50-80 strength

    Hello I am looking for someone to hand train my 1 defence f2p pure to 80 strength. Its currently 40 att and 50 str. Will need the supplies, I am willing to go first to anyone trusted. Please post offers below with the time it will take, can pay in OSRS GP or Paypal