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  1. It happend one time at the south East corner and one time right where it enters NMZ. Thanks bro keep up the good work
  2. So yesterday i ran the script for 3 hours, getting 60k xp total. Read the log and it was Playing for the full 3 hours I set it up to do. I babysat the first 45 mins which looked smooth at 70k XP/hour but it must have stopped getting XP a few minutes later. One time before the same thing happend: it stood in the corner for about 1 hour not getting hit by monsters (they all just stood there besides him). I think you need to Code it to move every once in a while. It seems like they made the monsters unable to hit after being in the same spot for a while or its just a bug but anyways i think it’ll be solved by getting it to move a few squares and back every now and then
  3. I still got the same problem as i posted before, now i tried on PC aswell and it does the same. Managing potions fine, talks to dominic but never goes to vial. Just Keeps talking to him and freezes when to answer yes or no to discard the already set up dream. It says in the log its pressing space to clear chat but it doesnt.
  4. 0404 Starting iDreamNMZ 0405 [00:00:51][EnterDream|Task]:Talking to Dominic. 0405 ====0==== 0405 [00:00:53][EnterDream|Task]:Chosing previous selection. 0405 ====0==== 0405 [00:00:54][TreeScript|Script]:Sending space bar to clear chat. 0405 ====0==== 0405 [00:00:54][TreeScript|Script]:Sending space bar to clear chat. 0405 ====0==== 0405 [00:00:55][TreeScript|Script]:Sending space bar to clear chat. 0405 ====0==== 0405 [00:00:55][EnterDream|Task]:Agreeing with terms. 0405 ====0==== 0405 [00:00:56][EnterDream|Task]:Entering dream state. 0405 ====0==== 0405 [00:00:56][TreeScript|Script]:Sending space bar to clear chat. 0405 ====0==== 0405 [00:00:56][TreeScript|Script]:Sending space bar to clear chat. 0405 ====0==== 0405 [00:01:01][EnterDream|Task]:Talking to Dominic. 0405 ====0==== 0405 [00:01:03][TreeScript|Script]:Sending space bar to clear chat. 0405 ====0==== 0405 [00:01:03][TreeScript|Script]:Sending space bar to clear chat. 0405 ====0==== 0405 [00:01:06][EnterDream|Task]:Entering dream state. 0405 ====0==== 0405 [00:01:11][EnterDream|Task]:Entering dream state. 0405 ====0==== 0406 [00:01:17][EnterDream|Task]:Entering dream state. 0406 ====0==== 0406 [00:01:21][EnterDream|Task]:Entering dream state. 0406 ====0==== 0406 [00:01:26][EnterDream|Task]:Entering dream state. 0406 ====0==== 0406 [00:01:30][EnterDream|Task]:Entering dream state. 0406 ====0==== 0406 [00:01:35][EnterDream|Task]:Entering dream state. He withdrew pots and went to talk with Dominic to set up a dream, then to talk with him again and not going to the vial, tried restarting. On Mac don't know if it matters :)
  5. Thank you. So there is no possibility to bring a few prayer potions along with like 3 overloads, rock cake, and rest absorb pots? Then just use Quick prayer until out of prayer pots and then continue without prayer until out of overloads/absorbs then reset. With some prayer bonus and one 15%str/ranged pray active every potion Would last 5-8 minutes so 6 pray pots would raise the XP rate at least for 30 minutes of every nmz dream. I would love to try bring 7 pray pots along with my 28 prayer bonus would make prayer to be active or almost an hour if absorbs keep up that long. Does the script leave nmz when out of overloads? I do when i play and always end up with some absorb pots left. So i bring some prayer pots and just keep one 15% pray active until out of pray pots and just guzzle down the hp when i cant flick rapid restore. When out of overloads i quit dream go bank and get pray pots then restock at barrels and go again. The bank is so close and While melee training you make a small profit anyways so I’m happy to spend 60k extra per hour for the extra exp gained. Sorry for all the text tonight. Edit: By all means I think the script does what is promised. I got between 50-60k exp/hour with ddcim and whip in welfare prayer/str gear and a couple of levels above 70 strength. No power ups or special attacks. Adding quick prayer and prayer pots to the absorb/overload method is not necessary but would be a way to increase XP rate by about 10%.
  6. Amazing I figured it was a new feature! Does it go get more prayer pots at the bank when out of supplies? How many prayer pots Will it withdraw from bank? Is there anything negative with not prayer flicking and rock cake when HP regenerates instead? I tend to like that when playing, alot less intensive for a couple of 2’s in the absorbs every minute. I saw you wrote somewhere that the script prayer flicks at random intervals even though you set up like 45 sekonds to not be seen by the Jagx anti-script-scripts. Is it the same when guzzling from 2hp to 1 instead of flicking? It feels super fast every time although i saw it Wait for about 10-15 seconds one time (activating anti-ban...). If it guzzles say every 62 seconds i think it’ll be detected quickly Even if anti-ban kicks in and makes it wait a bit every 15 minutes or whatever. I think there should be like 10 seconds variation almost every time Even if you lose points by doing so. Even better would be if the script could pray flick sometimes but guzzle when it ”forgets”. What most ppl do. Thank you! Appreciate your responses alot!