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  1. MoshAgain

    hello i'm bored

    Hello bored, im dad
  2. MoshAgain

    Its been a while...

    Congrats on breaking your silence
  3. MoshAgain

    Level 3 With 85 Mining

    Just looking for a rough price, my account still hasn't been banned yet so not looking to buy just yet
  4. MoshAgain

    Failed robbery attempt

    Blunt and to the point, 10/10
  5. MoshAgain

    Level 3 With 85 Mining

    Possibly looking to buy a level 3 account with 85 mining if the account im currently making gets banned, what have people got and how much ?
  6. MoshAgain

    How old is everyone?

  7. MoshAgain


    what a magical story, 10/10
  8. MoshAgain

    (OSRS) Bypassing 24 hour trade limit ?

    thanks for the help
  9. i live round the corner from my parents so i just set up my laptop there botting and play my main on my pc, a bit of a hastle but its safe for my main and i get to see fam so not to bad