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  1. Max main Stakers or any kind of pure accs
  2. Just too much MXT, you can literally get a max cape buying keys. (The only good thing is PVM)
  3. Like 150- 180$ I think (Final price depends on your rep)
  4. Same question But if you have 70 range and those mills I could be worth around 30 - 60$ (Everything depends on your rep)
  5. 1) Like 220$ 2) Like 160$ 3) No idea (But final price depends on your rep) If you offer the accounts to a website you would get like 4 times less for each account.
  6. +200$ (Everything depends on your rep)
  7. OMG What a good guide (That moment whe know you can't do it with your main -.-)
  8. Nice Story, where is the sex? XD