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  1. I’m not sure if the anti ban is to much but I feel like every action takes just way to long for motherload mine. I’m getting about half the xp hour I should be getting
  2. whatteeeth

    Auto Thieving | Pickpockets

    gone from 55-thieving to 85 so far. Was wondering if you could make the bot go faster for things like ardy knights/master farmer. getting half xp rates i could with actuall clicking
  3. whatteeeth

    [PREMIUM] STWintertodt | Complete Wintertodt Script

    possibly worst bot ive ever purchashed. Takes way to long for every action and dosnt get 500 points a game with fletching all
  4. whatteeeth


    has anyone thought about making a bot for fishing then cooking the trout/salmon at barb village