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    osrs and other games mostly on steam but willing to try other games if anyone wants to game with me!

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  1. MrRalk

    [RS3] Divination - WIP

    Once I get members on my account I will try this out! and if needed when I get higher div I will offer my account as a testing dummy! Also there are cursed wisp in the wilderness! They require level 1 div from what I hear.
  2. MrRalk

    Requesting dungeoneering service

    What is your dungeoneering level? Also are you able to temple of aminishi?
  3. MrRalk

    MrRalk's Slave Thread! (OSRS)

    Gunna get on discord right now I just woke up!
  4. MrRalk

    MrRalk's Slave Thread! (OSRS)

    Alright let me know im free all day and most days until i start work again!
  5. MrRalk

    MrRalk's Slave Thread! (OSRS)

    Do you guys still need this or not? I am open to do anything!
  6. MrRalk

    MrRalk's Slave Thread! (OSRS)

    I do MrRalky#6642
  7. MrRalk

    MrRalk's Slave Thread! (OSRS)

    Yes I can do this if you still need either botting or non botting.
  8. MrRalk

    I cannot kill the jungle demon in MM!!

    Thanks! lol I was so happy lol idk what to do now lol got a d scim and wanted to train str since its behind my att atm but my def is way behind all of it lol
  9. MrRalk

    MrRalk's Slave Thread! (OSRS)

    Can be done if needed! Pm with details and we can work things out!
  10. MrRalk

    Need 70 strength botted on 1 attack

    Forgot can't do this stuff yet until 50 post! sorry! Same with Lethal Logic and Cammy212
  11. MrRalk

    I cannot kill the jungle demon in MM!!

    I found one lol i just wait outside the arena until the gnomes got him down I can now use d scim woo!
  12. lol idk if im under leveled for this but idk why i cant do it i die so many times...
  13. MrRalk

    Anyone play other games?

    Yeah I just recently quit was playing for 13 years now and I havent paid for the game ever since they brought out wow tokens xD So true but yet some people go back to it at some point in their lives lol damn son i cant play that game lol disabled wont let me in xD
  14. MrRalk

    Whats everyone doing in-game atm?

    o.o wish i could make money xD im so bad at it! I cant bot anymore lol already got a temp ban xD sounds hard af imo lol i stopped playing rs3 lol selling my rs3 account now hopefully to get 350m or so for it