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  1. Script isn't actively maintained anymore. Probably will do some updates within coming weeks. I still take requests for features
  2. Zulrah scripts are making a lot m8. U already made the money to buy the script.
  3. Updated. add me on discord: rez7m#7555 if it keeps happening
  4. For all users that notice that the script doesn't appear in the script section. The script has gone premium. Buy it now for $19.99 in the store !
  5. Did u try restarting? add me on discord: rez7m#7555. What does the log say (help -> view log) @bbssn nvm already found it (typo) restart in 5 minutes
  6. Add me on discord: rez7m#7555 I have a user with more than 5000 kills in the past 4 days, resulting in over 85m of gp. just in 4 days, he literally made his money back 8 times It doesn't stop if you have enough supplies
  7. Nice proggy from a user - Added World hopping (all worlds are supported, even total worlds if you have the level) - Added support for all range weapons Select your worlds based on ping for best performance
  8. Restart the client. if it still doesn't work add me on discord: rez7m#7555 I'll add today
  9. I guess the bot was in a hurry Made major improvements, eliminated redundant checks and changed few spots in rotation Enjoy.
  10. - Quiver slot added - Will add crossbow/bow support soon with arrow support
  11. RZME

    RWildyWines - 350k/h

    Restart the client