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  1. Zulrah has banwaves occassionally. Lately prices of zulrah loot dropped significantly due to a banwave. Consult the bot smart section in this thread for further information. Getting banned is due to your luck and way of botting, this case i assume it's bad luck
  2. RZME

    Graphing sales data in Rstudio

    Updated code, making it compatible with the given YEAR as input
  3. It wont switch styles, I changed logic a while back where it will change spots temporarily to get closer to zulrah that particular phase (to make it pure friendly and more efficient since it will do more attacks that phase bc of the rapid style)
  4. Add me on discord aswell you probably did not do the things in the important tab or you did it not properly. Ill return from my trip today and will arrive homr in 4-5 hours Post it in the explorer path/search bar i cant be more specific
  5. Add me on discord Restart client if it still happens. Delete temp folder by pasting this %temp%/RSBot into your explorer search bar and delete rzulrah
  6. Make sure u zoomed in properly for looting. Also consult the important tab and do all those things it could help. Set gear again in the equipment tab even if the correct image is displayed.