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    if your accounts were max'd why were you botting them? especially at nmz, dont bot accounts you dont want to lose, easy rule - paid scripts are still bots, and are still detectable, win some lose some
  2. ArtistsOfPower


    Premium scripts go off of a monthly payment now, so you'll have to repurchase to use for the next month and then repeat as you need to
  3. ArtistsOfPower


    I got a 2 day ban using power surge and special attack, been running it without any power ups and it seems to be a lot better, got 99 range and str on a pure by this way
  4. ArtistsOfPower

    OSRS Botting and bans..

    Usually can go either way, in the past ive been able to suicide bot accounts to 99 range/str etc but other times youll get picked off within a couple of days, id say the risk is much higher now than all those years ago though..
  5. ArtistsOfPower

    Account blacklisted?

    So i've heard from various sources, none reputable enough to believe, so wanted to start a discussion and gauge some opinions: Are accounts that have come from a 2 day minor offence ban, blacklisted or flagged after that punishment? To keep a track of any reoffending? And also could the IP and MAC addresses be flagged under closer monitoring or whatever to more easily detect offences? I have came off a 2 day ban after going months punishment free, and am just a bit anxious that all my shit is listed.
  6. ArtistsOfPower


    It's pretty irresponsible to blindly direct this at pb, i've had account info saved on pb for years with no dramas, there are plenty of measures you can take to avoid this with 2 step auth and bank pins, sorry you lost your shit but yeah bit bold to accuse without any strand of evidence, there are also 0 proven cases where this has ever happened haha.
  7. ArtistsOfPower

    Banned from crab paid bot!

    Obviously a ban is a risk you take every time you decide to break a rule, especially with botting.
  8. ArtistsOfPower

    2 day bans

    Im not botting on the account i just got off the 2 day ban on, if they catch again its perm, im guessing it was from using a free script that i got detected, so safer way that im going about it is to only use premium scripts and babysit while its doing it
  9. ArtistsOfPower

    2 day bans

    Does anything happen to my account after a 2 day ban? Stat reset/bank reset etc?
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