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  1. Falconry now gets a bird if you don't have one. You must have 500 gold and nothing in main/off hand or glove slot.
  2. Falconry works fine, it just doesn't reset if you lose the bird. If the script isn't working, you need to clear your cache because it gets corrupted after game updates. Will look into adding falconry resetting.
  3. Most likely your cache is corrupt. This usually happens after a game update. Clear cache and restart twice.
  4. Various bug fixes/ improvements Sped up clicking and reaction times Improved withdrawing logic Doesn't open bank to withdraw a single ore Deposits excess ore Will select Withdraw All if desired amount is more than inventory space More checks to prevent getting stuck Fixed depositing coins rounding error There aren't many people using the script, standing upstairs is a common place for people to go AFK at. First off, bronze bars at Blast Furnace is never worth it, I only support it to make the script complete. Secondly, you need 2500 every 10 mins to pay the foreman if you're below 60 smithing.
  5. Yes I don't know how much faster you want it, it reacts in like 400 ms. If it's slower, might be a problem on your end.
  6. You guys used it 1871/4571 mins respectively, unlike Simon over here who actually only used it 200 mins. Without knowing more about how he plays or bots, I can only say he got unlucky. Given that you guys only got temp bans, it's probably just a coincidence that the bans happened close together. You botted 10 hours in a single sitting which is just asking for a ban tbh. I've had long term users who don't exceed 3-5 hours a day and they can go the whole month just fine. You'll hear the same from any other script writer on any script.
  7. Can you tell me what setup? Bar you're making Coal bag? Secondary gold? Also did you happen to see what was currently in the melter? How many bars were made and how many ores. I'll add some more info into the log later. Once the main functions are working, I'll work on making it faster.
  8. Nom

    Getting Skill IDs for exp? It's not an enum unfortunately.
  9. Forgot to disable banking the energy potion in a different case, it should only bother depositing the potion if the bank is already open for something else rather than deliberately opening bank to deposit it. You need gp in your inventory to pay the foreman.
  10. Special attack support added. Automatically detects if you have a weapon with a useful special attack and ticks it in the GUI Waits until you have 100% and uses the whole spec bar