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  1. I think now is a good time to bump this, the before and after. To be fair, if this was the same account that got temp banned, it lasted much longer than it should.
  2. Nom

    OSRS - PvP World/Edgevile Looter

    You've probably been around long enough to realise no proficient script writer is going to fulfil requests, I don't remember the last time someone wrote a script specifically because a request was made. Under "Moneymaking" I have a looter plugin Related video I make public scripts for a fee here
  3. Nom


    10 ways to actually make gp Be a PSW Do services Sell gold/accounts Scam Setup a phishing site Dance for gp Work at maccas
  4. Nom

    [Rant] Current state of Powerbot

    Some of these issues are obvious to anyone, but others need someone of your skill to point out. Thanks for taking your time to not only point out all these issues, but implement solutions yourself to leave no room for excuse.
  5. Nom

    Youtube scripting series

    I tried to keep it in a logical sequence, perhaps I went too fast.
  6. Zoom out more and set it to 5 traps. If you're lagging it's more likely to fail tracking traps. If you watch the demo at 00:15, even when someone places a trap just as you're about to place one, it won't track it. The script doesn't go on an infinite loop, it attempts for as many times as you have traps laid so when it's tracking properly, it will pick up everything.
  7. Nom

    Need full void

    Just as getting a service will get your bank cleared. There's a risk to everything, just depends what you're willing to take.
  8. Nom

    Bank sorter

    Will fix in the future for a video, for now removed. Was working for me just now but either you're doing something wrong or it really is broken again.
  9. Nom

    MessageEvent types?

    This might help, will most likely be the same.
  10. Nom

    Youtube scripting series

    Comparing state and task. Basic combat script.
  11. Post the first 10 lines and last 10 lines of the log under Help>View log. Plenty of people are running it for an hour at a time, problem is most likely on your end. Make sure you have plenty of cash.