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  1. There are progress pics on the first page and the script has been working as of just now, I can see the records of people using it.
  2. It didn't deposit gold since there may be some people who want to carry their cash stack for travelling to crabclaw island. I've added a check so it will deposit coins unless you started on the island. Unless you're using magic runes, it will click deposit all now.
  3. Post in Client support, I'm not sure what's going on.
  4. All script licenses are 30 days, if you forgot to use the script or didn't use it long, PM me and I can give you an extension. Otherwise you will have to repurchase the script.
  5. CowKiller It kills cows Get it here All 3 cow fields around Lumbridge and Falador supported Handles all gates All food supported (start with food in inventory to detect) Banks cowhides at Lumbridge bank or Falador East bank
  6. Post the first 10 lines and last 10 lines of the log under Help>View log. Clear cache and restart twice. After a game update, the cache usually needs rebuilding. Clear cache according to the link and/or restart the client twice.
  7. @Kahvimuki Increased randomisation of eating, auto detects how much food heals and waits to eat 1-4 at a time. Added option to disable random dismissing in antiban tab.
  8. You can refund within 2 days of purchase. Please give more information, simply saying it is fucked does not help me. PM me your setup and exactly what you want to see changed.
  9. Hello, can you add "Chocolate Bars" to your MrMakeAll script?