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    Buying tutorial accounts

    My discord is: Noobinator#0747
  2. Noobinator

    Verify-Through-Phone Account Selling Section

    If a $40 bike gets stolen, you file a report. If your $200 gets stolen, I'm pretty sure you can file a report. Just like gold companies that will get you to court if you chargeback that $200 with your ID provided along with it.The point I'm trying to make is there are better methods out there, but it's alright I'm gonna sell elsewhere I don't have time to buy and sell 5M 07 gp 25 times.
  3. Noobinator

    GogogoGo' s Account Shop

    Your images aren't working.
  4. Noobinator

    Price check my main

    This could be worth up to 350M
  5. Noobinator

    Verify-Through-Phone Account Selling Section

    Well account buying/selling is generally why people are interested in the forums section, with large gold companies having their own websites. If you add such a lazy rule, you're killing off a good portion of those people. I gave linking real life verifications as an example, as I'm pretty sure there are better methods out there. I'm looking to buy accounts from the accounts section, and it's the same people with the same boring accounts bumping everyday trying to sell it off for 3x what it's worth. If this is the solution, good luck selling.
  6. Noobinator

    Verify-Through-Phone Account Selling Section

    I get what you mean, but I'm just saying when I buy an account from a 25+ feedback person, I tend to read the feedbacks about accounts they've sold. I'm just trying to say, if the 25 feedback rule is to stop scammers from making new profiles and selling accounts, implement a rule that puts a minimum required # days and posts instead. Or add a verified sellers section and an unverified sellers section, with unverified having different sorts of "verifications." This 25 feedback rule is simply making people with interesting accounts go to other websites as well. Although I've sold most of mine on other websites, I have a few very interesting accounts for example but I'm not gonna buy and sell gold 25 times just to simply list it. It's a waste of time and money. I'd much rather link real verifications to my account and penalize me if I do commit a real life theft.
  7. Noobinator

    Verify-Through-Phone Account Selling Section

    You really haven't read anything I've typed have you? I've bought over 15 accounts in the last 3 years from people with 0-2 feedbacks and this was the first time I've got scammed. I'm aware they have 0 feedbacks and I choose the person and account accordingly. You buying gold 25 times repeatedly in my eyes gives you the credibility of a 0-2 feedback person, and until you sell that first account, you're not trustworthy.
  8. Noobinator

    Verify-Through-Phone Account Selling Section

    The issue is the way you're combatting scams. Buying gold to get feedbacks as a good buyer adds nothing in terms of account selling credibility. Why don't you simply ask for more in real life verification? Honestly the only reason I've even made an account 2 years ago was to buy and sell accounts from actual people, not premade accounts with 0 items and quest points. The 25 feedback rule is just a lazy way to handle it, and the results show for it. The same sellers are trying to sell the same accounts every single day, nobody is interested in their accounts because they're not unique mains. And all of this is coming from somebody who just got scammed 2 days ago.
  9. Noobinator

    Price Check 60 Attack Rigour/Piety Pure

    Block out the name of the account. This account is worth anywhere from 250-350M 07 IMO. From a reputable seller though, of course.
  10. I think there could be a separate section for people with under 25 vouches to sell their accounts. I've been actively trying to get vouches based off of service for the past 2 weeks, and it's really not happening. From what I see, the only way to get feedback in a reasonable time matter is buying gold/services, which doesn't really add any credibility to the person who will sell their account in the future. I think a separate section that requires people who post their accounts to also verify their powerbot accounts through their phones would be a better way to increase engagement on this website. If a buyer gets scammed by a verified seller, I think he should be granted their phone numbers or real life communication methods because the scammer is participating in real life theft. It would also make the scammer second think about committing real life theft given his/her private information could be used against them. Again, its just a thought. The account selling section is currently filled with the same sellers selling the same exact accounts. Nobody is buying because they're all mainly non-main accounts with just melee combat stats.
  11. Noobinator


    Have feedbacks selling others accounts, have a high number of feedbacks in general. Also being a high donor or sponsor helps.
  12. Noobinator

    Playoffs Hype

    Lol Iโ€™m talking about American Football.