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  1. No you don't, you just didn't have it in a function. Anywhere that has access to your ctx can interact with it.
  2. Double check the location of out in your VM args.
  3. Higher defence would be highly recommended. Zulrah's mage phase hits pretty hard even with decent defense.
  4. TO GET YOUR DYNAMIC SIGNATURE USE THE URL:[INSERT_PB_USERNAME] FAQ/DEMO/HIGHSCORES: CLICK HERE STZulrah is one of the most technically complex scripts on Powerbot, if not the most complex script on Powerbot. It utilizes many high-level algorithms and techniques in order to perform Zulrah to near perfection while also maintaining a human-like disposition. Multi-threading and other parallel systems are used to unlock the performance of multiple cores, optimizing performance to a max. The script performs every phase and iteration of Zulrah and will change prayers on the Jad-phase with 99% accuracy. This is a script I've put a lot of work into in order to make it as good as possible for you guys. Enjoy. DEMO VIDEO HIGHSCORES CAN BE FOUND HERE THIS SCRIPT GETS DEFENSE EXP! DO NOT USE IT ON PURES IF YOU'RE NOT WILLING TO GET A SMALL AMOUNT OF DEF EXP. Features STZulrah supports all 4 possible Zulrah Phases Alpha (ZLegacy) Bravo (ZNewAge) Charlie (ZLegolas) Delta (ZGandalf) STZulrah generates bug reports on any noticed bugs Upon death the log is sent to me and taken into account Alerts are given to me on deaths, allowing me to fix the bug before you even post! STZulrah supports algorithmically re-organizing inventories Human-like drag and drop reorganization Algorithmic sorting means that no large patterns are formed, as different set-ups will have different inventories Allows optimal performance by minimizing distance between integral items Karambwans will be near regular food for easy tick eating All equipment will be near each other for quick switches Advanced priority system means that high priority items (potions) are in more reachable positions than non-integral items (teleports) STZulrah supports automatic repairing of Barrows equipment (coming soon) Bob (Lumbridge) - COMING SOON Player Own House repair stand - COMING SOON STZulrah supports Vengeance Supports runes and restocks at the bank Supports rune pouches, automatically withdraws and fills pouch STZulrah supports different Item Configurations Option to use a Range/Mage switch, or just mage Automatically adjusts prayers to account for a singular switch Rings of Recoil supported Ring of Suffering supported All equipment supported, excluding multi-click mage. (e.g. fire blast) STZulrah supports special attacking Blowpipe and any weapon with a special attack will automatically be detected and used STZulrah supports multiple travel settings Banking Clan Wars via Ring of Dueling House Teleports coming soon (if you have a house with an Ornate Pool and would like to volunteer your account, let me know) Zulrah Charter Ships Camelot Teleport Catherby Teleport coming soon Zul-Andra Teleport STZulrah supports various misc. actions Prays a supplemental prayer (e.g. Magic Might and Eagle Eye) Coming soon: Automatic detection if higher level prayer is available Tick-Eating Performs Jad-Phase correctly Drinks supplemental potions before the encounter When withdrawing potions, it withdraws the minimum potions possible Note: Usage statistics are gathered and stored on this script for your benefit. No identifying features outside of your Powerbot ID is gathered.
  5. STFletching STFletching is the final script on your journey to 99 fletching. It encompasses every aspect of the skill and provides a risk-averse method for botting fletching. This script has been designed from the bottom-up. Efficiency and safety are etched into every line of code. This script features one of the top anti-bans on Powerbot currently, encompassing not only many anti-pattern maneuvers; but also many activities specifically designed to emulate human behavior. Features - Fletching All Bows Stringing All Bows Fletching All Arrows Fletching All Bolts Fletching All Darts Finishing Jewel Bolts Task Queue - Will progress through tasks as you run out of items Level Progression - If selected, script will automatically use the best tasks available given in the task queue This script generates run-specific profiles for each user, allowing each run to be as safe as possible. Despite this it sacrifices very little efficiency. Performing nearly just as well or even better than a human while retaining as much safety as possible. This script utilizes many complex algebraic methods, human-modeled behavior, and mental-fatigue is built into the core of this script. When using mousekeys (darts or bolts) DO NOT run it for very long. It's a high intensity activity that actual humans would not be able to perform too long.
  6. STWintertodt STWintertodt is designed to be an end-all script for completing Wintertodt. It's designed from the ground up to not only accommodate whatever choice of play style you prefer, but also to perform in a human-like manner in everything you do. Taking a lot of damage/dying? Buy warm clothing! STWintertodt supports 4 play styles - All Fletching Fletch until 500, then all firemaking All firemaking Idle after 500 points STWintertodt also features a highly competitive anti-ban. It uses specialized data entries and complex algebraic techniques in order to mimic a player's various pauses and mannerisms. This, combined with the generally strong performance make this script a very safe script to bot. Despite that, it is highly recommended you bot safe. Botting for more than 2 hours at a time is discouraged, NEVER BOT OUTSIDE YOUR REGULAR PLAY HOURS. For example, if you only play at night, don't set the bot up in the morning, that's a huge red flag that you're botting. It will fix and light any braziers if it feels the need to, it'll restock in between runs. This script is capable of nearly 300k xp/hr. Requirements - Carry axe, preferably equipped (rune is best) Carry knife (only needed if fletching) Carry tinderbox Carry hammer Ensure your bank has enough food Thank you for using my script. If you have any questions do not hesitate to let me know! This script was tested on fixed mode with roofs off. Make sure you have roofs off, although it theoretically should run in windowed mode although it wasn't tested in there.
  7. This script crafts cannonballs in Al-Kharid or Edgeville. It's a very simple script, just start it near the furnace or bank or in between either of them to begin. Features: - Crafts Cannonballs - Banks Cannonballs - That's about it Up on the SDN! Would love to hear feedback. Not Working? - Make sure you're near the bank or furnace, if you're having issues stand inside the bank - Make sure you have > 27 steel bars in your bank, it will not work with less than that amount - Make sure you have a Cannonball Mould inside your inventory or bank If all of those conditions are met and it still isn't working, please let me know ASAP!