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  1. eXo

    Selling Polypore Staker [30$ A/W]

    I added you on disc
  2. eXo

    Questing, and Power leveling services!

    price has been discussed, and hopefully will be started soon! added on disc
  3. eXo

    LF Powerleveling Dung 64-82

    Feel free to pm me, also aded on disc
  4. eXo

    ironman dung service 60-84

    Yeah, pm ur stats
  5. eXo

    Questing, and Power leveling services!

  6. eXo

    Buying 350-500m rs3 gp

  7. eXo

    Buying 350-500m rs3 gp

    Idk what prices are atm, but nothing to high. leave ur price below, payment methods verified paypal, and etransfer if within canada
  8. eXo

    Questing, and Power leveling services!

    bump oepn for powerleveling
  9. Current offer: 150 A/W: 350 Account will come with the orginial recovery info, and the email that you login with. I am the true owner of the account Stats, and items on the account. https://gyazo.com/e6ed0bcc919f83d67967bda562b937c4 Quests: https://gyazo.com/15b4dccb8ad03a0b7531718e05bf4ca4 Blackmarks https://gyazo.com/8187103d97ad7e5fe002e73e452accf4
  10. Welcome The type of services I do are: Power leveling skills, charging gp/xp Current skills I'm willing to level: Mining, fishing, woodcutting, runecrafting, combats not including summoning or prayer. Pm me for more info Questing - NO QUESTING SERVICES AVAILABLE ATM- ADD ME ON SKYPE LARGE QUESTING ORDERS CAN HAVE DISCOUNTS Everything is hand done, with proof of each level provided! Skype: live:exo4_5 Ironman questing available 15% more will be charged, price is not set in stone, with the right gear, and requirements Payments accepted: Runescape 3 gold only T.O.S: All orders can be accepted, or denied at my request You must leave a positive feedback after services Refunds are available, based on how much of the order has been completed. You must either go first, or have a VMM setup who will hold the payment, varies on the size of the order I might split vmm costs I will go first to members with 300+ feedback Order form: Your skype: Did you add my skype?: Type of services requested: Do you agree to my T.O.S: