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  1. DopeAssFreshPrince

    [OSRS]Rogue's Den Safe Cracker[75k-250k GP/HR]

    Might open source it soon.
  2. DopeAssFreshPrince

    Should Jamal change...

    the bumper works like a charm, eh?
  3. DopeAssFreshPrince

    View Mouse/Mouse trails closing right click menus

    Could be a problem related to how the mouse and canvas are implemented. @Chris would probably know more.
  4. DopeAssFreshPrince

    Issue opening RSbot

    it doesn't open you say? exe or the jar?
  5. DopeAssFreshPrince

    demote gate 2019

    how's the body building going?
  6. DopeAssFreshPrince

    Client not opening?

    which game?
  7. DopeAssFreshPrince

    Using JavaFX as for your GUI

    There is only one public bypass, provided by Aion, which is to embed the fx element into swing.
  8. DopeAssFreshPrince

    The play button does not work

    View > Logs
  9. DopeAssFreshPrince

    Mumkey Jones

  10. Wait, is this the one you shared on discord? What happened to that car?
  11. DopeAssFreshPrince

    Happy Birthday

    he called you a cock sucker
  12. DopeAssFreshPrince

    Run Multiple Bots on Mac OS X

    I use it to easily identify each device in a cluster of iot devices.
  13. DopeAssFreshPrince

    Should Jamal change...

    praise the bump~