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  1. DopeAssFreshPrince

    OS Miner
  2. DopeAssFreshPrince

    Requesting ban reasons

    If we see a genuine attempt from your end, then yes. Yes, there is a community refund system. If some scammed user doesn't respond in about a week or two of the initial request, you hand the amount over to a Trustee(all staff members at the moment) who is available. They will handle the return request when the user comes to claim the amount.
  3. DopeAssFreshPrince

    switch your dns provider to

    You can intercept there intercept too cap. dns ad blockers > until and unless you want to use with something like pi hole or a list blocker
  4. DopeAssFreshPrince

    Simple Chopper

    Thanks for the donation mate. I should definitely add a contributors post for the script.
  5. DopeAssFreshPrince

    Simple Chopper

    I do accept donations, thanks in advance. TJzC1KZSRkE7QPPfnZFapoCe4MrnbegmGR
  6. DopeAssFreshPrince

    Simple Chopper

    PM me. Yeah, sorry about that. >.<
  7. DopeAssFreshPrince

    Doing Free Quests

    cool, i'm free tomorrow I think
  8. DopeAssFreshPrince

    Simple Chopper

    Could you please share your screen? For it works on mine and well, it confuses me. I'm available in 7 hours.
  9. DopeAssFreshPrince

    Generic type that covers Npcs and GameObjects

    T extends Interactive/InteractiveEntity would provide enough coverage. You can then just do an instance check for the action you want when you need something specific.
  10. DopeAssFreshPrince

    Doing Free Quests

    I got a message from you, but no follow up. Let me know if you still need it. I can do it sure. PM me so we can talk. Thanks for the quote. x D Didn't realize a guy responded.
  11. DopeAssFreshPrince

    Doing Free Quests

    only to harvest quest data mate i'm even willing to record the whole play through in fact, I think I can do the whole thing with runelite too, it's just for convenience that I want to use rsbot
  12. DopeAssFreshPrince

    Simple Chopper

    I haven't experienced any bans till now, but I guess a broken location can screw you over. Could I have a few details from you? Did you follow the bot smart guide? How long were you botting? Was the account over 500 total level? How long ago was the account created? Also, how long have you been using my script? Have you used any script before this?