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  1. For the array, you should use ctx.client().getSkillExps(); Then you could just access the index based on the Constants class.
  2. Have you tried using ctx.skills()?
  3. SDN is not compiling the script. I'm waiting on Paris to resolve it.
  4. generally, the timer is halted when the update has not been processed
  5. Make a bootable USB from a windows 10 iso. When you launch the computer, the computer should boot into the installation tool. You will have two options from this point, either repair your PC( mostly fails ) or install Windows(will backup most of the user data into Windows.old, but if you believe it may not, we will need to boot into probably a Linux distro, probably Ubuntu. Let me know if you want to go that route.). Choose an appropriate option and you will up and running in no time.
  6. I have request the admins to give me back the rank, so it's really up to them. ;..;
  7. Lost my SW rank, please wait till it's reinstated.
  8. I didn't know that my script went down and lost my rank. @Coma
  9. Uninstall any version of java that isn't a version 8(32 bit)
  10. use a vpn, something is interfering with the connection
  11. script -> ctx.controller ( for suspending, resuming and stopping the script ) input -> ctx.input ( for enabling, disabling mouse and keyboard ) Those are the only two things you can operate.