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  1. Vegan Gains

    Who here is NOT depressed?

    was on them for 8 years, when i came off felt like a different person. now i am fixed on them
  2. Vegan Gains

    Should Jamal change...

    this guy is beautiful who is he?
  3. Vegan Gains

    Current ban rate?

    its very good. i achived 85 mining no ban. it has everything you need really. If you find bugs let bot author know he will fix as that is what they are there for providing a service to you. It also doesn't have gimmick features, that other bots will make you pay for that will make you more protected from jagex bans that doesn't really make a difference.
  4. Vegan Gains

    Donald Trump's Wall built of Big Macs and Whoppers

    lol. true. but he did say mexico would pay for the wall, and now says he didn't mean to say that.
  5. Vegan Gains

    rs3 script for cutting elder logs

    would you be willing to let a scriptwriter have access to your account?, and if anything happens to it, it wont be his fault and you wont be making any disbutes? im fairly confident in the script writers here not todo anything bad to your account. if you are 'ill message some script writers and see if they have the time todo this for you, and if they are they will message you, here, not via pm, they will also have preimum script title as their rank. it will be public script so everybody can use it. but atleast that way you get unlimited access to it i think. if it was local you would only get 4 hours.
  6. Vegan Gains

    rs3 script for cutting elder logs

    what exactly does the bot need todo?