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  1. Vegan Gains

    [Rant] Current state of Powerbot

    merry christmas lets hope changes come soon. with out these amazing guys powerbot would be dead.
  2. Vegan Gains


    50923 posts wish i had all day everyday to post crap. unfortunatly most of us have busy lives.
  3. Vegan Gains

    Isn’t it time to demote Timer and hand off the torch?

    powerbot isnt dead there is still scripts, and im using the premium mining script 78 mining at the moment
  4. Vegan Gains

    so what now

    play football.
  5. 81 items. i am however not able to weild my pickaxe, as im low level.
  6. this is my first time at the motherload mine.
  7. happens everytime. it is using the bank chest
  8. at mothr load mine it takes a while to put the ores in the bank.
  9. Vegan Gains

    What Traffic like?

  10. who is triple h hooligan
  11. Vegan Gains

    Youtube scripting series

  12. Vegan Gains

    Question for people who write scripts

    delete this post. dident realise it was a thread for script writers only. I am not a script writer yet sorry.