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  1. I bought this bot on around the 12th and used it for four hours at mobilizing armies. Unfortunately I received a 48 hour ban shortly after this while I logged in today. during my stay I was at the computer watching videos and saw noone(it was in the am and on a low player server.) i am am wondering if these scripts use a 1:1 input output for clicks and also if the clicks match keyboard inputs to be undetectable ? Also, I noticed the mouse trails for this bot was not completely random and it is likely this is what raised the alarm for this script; I believe currently their detection methods rely on consistent patterns, and I am sure they have their team purchase the scripts here and aggregate any pattern data to then ban. I assume this due to the swiftness of the bans. with this I have a request; is there anyway the bot scripts on here can manage a complete rng mouse path for every movement simulating a hand moved mouse ? This might be rigorous to implement but since these are being sold as premium that would be very useful.
  2. Hi Theresa I would like to order $50.00 of rs3 gold if i may. :)
  3. Do you have a thread where I can check it out ??
  4. Yeah that was the concept. It will save time for both the buyer and seller. Regardless, I am going to need to outfit the account with what I will need to play to my style. So tri. If I would originally pay $300 for an account but see it has $100 of wealth in items or currency I would prefer that. I'm not sure if this is some abhorrent request but I find it reasonable. I tried to even make my offer as safe as possible with mm, me going first etc. I just want to play again ☺️
  5. I thought I explained it sufficiently. I'd rather not have to buy myself and will pay extra if people have items in bank. many people who sell their accounts sell with items in bank because they don't want to take the time to sell it to ge. What is too hard for you to understand ? Try posting something constructive next time.
  6. Hi, this is my first post, so obviously I am not trusted. However, due to recent circumstances, I am looking for a max, with preferably a skill or few 120, with skilling outfits any other goodies. My method preferably will be through PayPal, but I can do rs3 gold if you find a suitable seller(I'll use my money to buy gold, then give you gold for account.) I will have to ask for a user-name log-in, trusted MM, and recovery test, with all info given. I will pay first once recovery is settled. I would prefer value in bank(which in turn will increase offer.) Thank you in advance, M_z