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  1. Hey, i'm selling my Max main because i don't have time to play anymore. feel free to pm me there Original owner of the acc is [USER=845753]@Ugly God[/USER] '350+ feedbacks Account is really close to maxed totall, has all the untradeables you need: -Full Gracefull -Full Angler -Full Mining set -Full Woodcuting set -Inferno cape -Vorkath's Ava and MA2 cape -All prayers unlocked -Avernic defender -Hydra's gauntlets -Full void elite -Few pets -40 m ish of stuff in bank -All Rings imbued -Most of elite diarys done -Fully equiped house with pool,teleports tree and everything -A lot more Stats: Quests: Untradeables: Login Screen ( account has 71 days of membership left (02/28/2019)): Offenses: I'm only accepting Cryptos; no 07 or anything else and not going first unless you are super trusted, you can contact me here or on Discord: Arka#6022. Price is650 $. Discord: Arka#6022 Thanks.