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  1. sup i got a almost max voider. i need barrow gloves on it currently i got 42 quest points with Lunar and all subquests for DT done exept DT. can some 1 give me a price ? i want 175 quest points ic what quests you do for it since it's gonna be a dharoks account idc if you can atk str or def . can some 1 help me out HIGH FEEDBACK ONLY ( 250+)
  2. sup guys cant login i use my username and rsbot PIN and it says invalid password ?
  3. haha nice :D
  4. well i just got banned on my ZERKER :( i was banned for bottign 2 days like 6 months ago and now i got banned trough alching 90-92 is there any way to contact jagex so i can appeal or should i just give up ?
  5. i dont got teamviewer
  6. once i hit that it wont show anything i have tried redownloading and reopening it. 3 hours ago it was all fine
  7. once i hit play nothing happens nothing pops up
  8. god dammit when do you got time ? i'd rather wait and use a sponsor t odo the serice then a non sponsor
  9. yes i wanted the fire cape ASAP cuz it's a pk account but if no1 replies how can the service been done ?
  10. still need sinds ms zero dint answer yet need it asap :P
  11. need a firecape i am 70+ range 52+ pray and 70+ hp 40+ deff looking for some 1 who can start as soon as possilbe high feedback only
  12. great script but doesnt work anymore becuase of the loggout in 10-20minutes so you will be logged out
  13. added on skype
  14. need a fire cape guys 72hp 48 range 80 mage 45 deff 80str 60 atk how much would this cost me ? high feedback only
  15. Contact info/Skype:bakker-events@hotmail.com Have you added my Skype Y/N. yes Price/Payment method: OSRS Ranged level: 48 Defence level:45 Hitpoints level:72 Prayer level: 52 can you add me and disscus price ?