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  1. no problem man.
  2. i will give you a bond man pm me on pb hurry up m8 need to go ;p i pmed you gtg now bak in 2-3hours
  3. sup guys got an great account but i have no idea how much it's worth. 65 str 75 deff only ! so an obby tank it is how much will that be worth ? thanks
  4. yes there has been an update of runescape a major one. all bot's dont ''see'' the items anymore all bots are down. they will progress this as fast as possible but it's not that easy. once the progress is over we can bot all again :D but i think the time for that will be a few hours more maby even a day more goodluck handtraining till thenn ;p
  5. bit to fishy for me... if you had an old powerbot accoun't you should know that you can only bump each 3 hour's.... but good luk selin gpost count say's nothing it's all about the feedback and sponsor's :D
  6. will be do some powerleveling service's for you ;) i am cheap and i dont take to big of orders ;p take it easy on me for account 1-60 skill's i am you're man greetz
  7. true nice pricce for the account but a ''nobody with 1 feedback'' and the post ''There are no worries about the account being recovered'' seems fishy to me but good luck with selling man !
  8. is this script doable for getting 31-55 slayer on a 75 deff 65 str account ?
  9. just like that ^^
  10. EDIT already saw canada... he's neigbour is trevor from GTA5 so he live's at the redneck's
  11. i call bullllllllshitt never heard of this
  12. Hello Sythe! *facepalm*