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    Looking for Varrock Armour 1

    Gday dudes, Looking for someone to quickly get me Varrock Armour 1. Job to be completed in 1 sitting from start to finish. Explicitly hand done only. You will need to skill, 1-15 mining 1-9 runecrafting 1-20 fishing 1-5 thieving Rune Mysteries is already completed. I can pay with OSRS gp or Verified PayPal. I'm willing to go first to anyone with higher feedback than myself. Please get in touch with how much you can do this for, Skype: chaos.theory17 Discord: CT17#7809 Thanks for reading!
  2. Hi guys, I am a complete novice when it comes to OSRS, and I have a long history of getting services here on the forums to help advance myself and this request is no different. I am in need of somebody with a high reputation to help me get a berserker ring (i) for my obby mauler. Stats are 1 def, 1 attack, 31 pray. It will involve questing to unlock decent bosses to do this with, quests which will not destroy the account. So I need somebody very knowledgeable and experienced. Skills needed: 30-36 agility, 7-31 crafting, 1-18 herblore, 1-30 smithing, 1-36 woodcutting (could be missing 1 or 2, please double check) Quests needed; Rune Mysteries Shilo Village Jungle Potion Druidic Ritual Witchs House Shilo Village One Small Favour Haunted Mine Lost City I have currently, 61 range, 59 mage. Both these MUST NOT exceed 63. Any quest rewards that give combat stats are not to be completed. (Unless Str and possibly HP) I'm happy to pay a premium price for your time, effort and expertise in getting me a Zerker ring i. I can pay with PayPal or OSRS it's up to you. I prefer PayPal as it skips a step but I don't mind buying the gold required as well. I'm happy to go first to anyone with a higher feedback count than myself. The complete job at hand would be, Getting skills for said quests Doing quests Gaining the NMZ points using blocking method on a high def character (with as little xp gains as possible) Method can be found here: You will need to have a high level account of your own with members, 43+ prayer, 95+ defence, to use as a blocker/tank. Please get in contact with me for further discussion! Skype: chaos.theory17 Discord: CT17#7809 Looking forward to hearing from some of you!
  3. Hi mate, I just cleared the lot. You can send me a PM now. Sorry for the inconvenience! Ill add you as well.
  4. The Restless Ghost Dwarf Cannon Horror from the Deep Priest in Peril Alfred 5 QP only 🙂
  5. Hello dudes, I want to know if any high rep service providers can get me a fire cape for my obby mauler. The thing is I only have enough range xp to afford 2 attempts before it will ruin my account. So I really need someone pro. My stats are, 1 attack 81 hp 1 def 90+ str 31 prayer 60 range (I can afford maybe 3 range levels) 59 mage Please let me know of quotes! Skype: chaos.theory17 Discord: CT#7809
  6. Gday, Need a quote for, 75 Castle War tokens! On an obby mauler. Please let me know how much you can do this for. Skype: chaos.theory17 Discord: CT17#7809 Prefer to pay with PayPal. Cheers!