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    I love gaming, fishing, motorbikes, music, sport, TV, movies, my work, my friends and family. My daughter is the love of my life.

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  1. Gday, Need a quote for, 75 Castle War tokens! On an obby mauler. Please let me know how much you can do this for. Skype: chaos.theory17 Discord: CT17#7809 Prefer to pay with PayPal. Cheers!
  2. Gday, Need a quote for, 1-35 Agility. Barcrawl + Horrors of the Deep so I can get unholy book on my 31 prayer obby mauler. Skype: chaos.theory17 Discord: CT17#7809 Prefer to pay with PayPal. Cheers!
  3. Al D

    Cheap Graphics

    Asked for a quote, the dude went AWOL. Maybe it was out of his scope, not sure. A simple message saying so would of been nice though.
  4. Al D

    Looking for 1-55 Slayer on an Obby Mauler!

    Job taken by DBuffed, you can close this topic. Thank you.
  5. You can ask additional questions, however I cannot speak to you as you don't have me added.

    1. Dbuffed


      Helps to just contact me here as I cannot reply to you.

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  6. Hi there, I would like to get a quote for 1-55 slayer from any workers willing to do it. This will be for a for an Obby mauler with 1 attack, 1 def and 1 prayer. I'd like to keep it melee based so you can use mage and range levels (they are both currently at 1) to complete 55 slayer for slayer staff. Currently Strength is at 80. It's also very important to keep the stats pure. (Keeping 1 attack, 1 def and 1 prayer) If you can do this, can you please let me know of a quote, please? Payment in OSRS GP, held by a Middleman until work is completed. If you have higher feedback than me, we can split when you get the GP (half/half). Disclaimer: If you stuff the account by gaining unnecessary stats, you have to replace it. The account will have a few mills on it to help with supplies. Contact methods (prefer Skype), Skype: chaos.theory17 (Allan) Discord: CT17#7809 PowerBot PM Thank you
  7. G'day, Today I am looking for a medium/long term service provider/s to help me create a 60 attack zerker with venge. The whole idea is to simply rush and anti rush. I can help with combat training, but everything else, quests, slayer and stats needed will be completed by you. I am looking for someone experienced in creating zerkers and doing service work in general, for time efficiency reasons. I would prefer one single knowledgeable person doing it from scratch, but if needed I can hire different people over time. I have a history of using services here on PowerBot to create my characters, as I trust my own created accounts over buying one for security purposes. I can pay with OSRS GP or Verified PayPal. I would prefer someone who can do the majority of the work over someone only willing to do a little. I can pay for supplies, or you can add it onto the finish total. We can use a MM, otherwise you'll do the work first and be paid after. Either way, it will be work first then you get paid. I'm always on the lookout for more knowledge with RuneScape, as I am very noob at the game, only playing once every few years and then back into hibernation until I get the hunger to PK again. Please get in touch with me on Skype with your quotes, advice, questions and concerns. Disclaimer: If you stuff the account up, you won't be paid or you'll need to start over. I hope to hear from you! Skype: chaos.theory17 (Allan) I expect it might take some time to find someone, so Ill be bumping this daily until I find a suitable worker/s.