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    I love gaming, fishing, motorbikes, music, sport, TV, movies, my work, my friends and family. My daughter is the love of my life.

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  1. Al D

    1-55 Slayer / Mith Gloves / BF Pump Ready

    I want to take quotes from people and Ill decide what Im willing to spend depending on who is offering to do it.
  2. Hi there, I need the following done on my Obby Mauler. 1 attack 1 def obby character, to be completed with no gains to attack, defence or hp. 1-55 Slayer Mith Gloves Blast furnace AFK pump ready Magic and Range are currently 1, can be used to a max of 60. Please let me know of quotes. Payment in PayPal USD (or a reputable gold site/seller of your choice to the same amount of USD in GP). I can pay first if you have rep. Middleman used if you have low rep and paid after work completion. Disclaimer: If you stuff the account by gaining unnecessary stats, then you will have to replace it! The account will have a few mills on it to help with supplies. Contact methods, Skype: chaos.theory17 Discord: CT17#7809 Powerbot PM Thank you and I look forward to your quotes!