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    I love gaming, fishing, motorbikes, music, sport, TV, movies, my work, my friends and family. My daughter is the love of my life.

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  1. Hi there, I am looking for an experienced player/worker to create for me a scum of the wild character. Starting scratch from an account that I create and put members on. A DT Gmauler. Low hp, high str/mage is what I require, with pure quests completed as well as DT on, 13 prayer. Final stats would be, Attack: 50 Str: 85 (blast furnace afk method) Hits: 55 Def: 1 Mage: 82 Prayer: 13 DT, Mith Gloves, Ghostly Robes, Mage cape. My budget for this is flexible. Whatever you feel makes it worth it for you. Please factor in that all supplies will come from you, so add a little extra to pay for that. You will build this from start to finish, unless you do not wish to do the str training. Payment method is PayPal. I'd prefer to use a Middleman to hold payments until work is completed if you're low rep. Otherwise you complete job, and then I pay. (I have lots of offsite feedback and can link these on request. We can also deal offsite using EpicNPC where I am a moderator, thus linking this deal to there.) Please prove to me somehow that you're experienced enough to do this. I can do most of the blast furnacing myself if required, which would also lower the cost and time on your behalf. I'm hoping to hear from you! Discord: CT17#7809 Skype: chaos.theory17
  2. @Yellow Hat Is this your unique? 449411334321471498
  3. Up! @Yellow Hat Please contact me on Discord, preferably.
  4. Hi guys, I am looking for a worker who can complete, on my obby mauler, an imbued Berserker ring using the blocking method. The blocking method is detailed below. What is needed from you? - Enough experience with NMZ to know how to efficiently do the job. - You need to have a high defence account that can soak damage, while the obby mauler finishes the monster off using magic. - On the same high defence account, you need to have the same quests completed as the Obby Mauler so that he can join the same dream. They include, Lost City, Witchs House, Shilo Village, One Small Favour and Family Crest. - You need to have some reputation as a worker and some sort of history of completed services. I wish to pay with PayPal. I don't have any osgp and would need to buy it to give it over. I would prefer to skip this step. I have lots of offsite feedback and can link these on request. I wish for this to be completed in a timely manner! As it is time away from the pump grind. I hope to hear quotes from you guys! Contact me through PM, Skype or Discord. Skype: chaos.theory17 Discord: CT17#7809 (Unique: 247350304188792832) Thanks for reading!
  5. Al D

    Looking for quests and skills!

    Hello and Happy New Years, I am in need of the following quests done and their skill requirements. This is for an obby mauler. You must take great care in keeping my dude pure! Use melee only where applicable. Quests: lost city, witches house, family crest, One small favour, Horrors from the deep (Unholy book), Death to the Dorge (knife spec), and shilo village. Skills, Woodcutting: 12 to 36 Mining: 1 to 40 Smithing: 9 to 40 Crafting: 33 to 40 Agility: 1 to 36 Herblore: 1 to 18 I am also needing Varrock Easy diaries for Varrock armour 1 Also I need a filled Unholy book! I prefer to pay with PayPal (from my balance), I have rep all over the place. I can pay with osgp if I have to but prefer not to. I have 4m on the account, if you need more GP can you please add it to the quote price! Start and completion time: This needs to be completed between Jan 12th to 17th. 5 days. This should be enough time. I hope to hear back from someone. Thank you! Please get in touch with me, I have 2 more days to find a service provider (as of this edit) Discord: CT17#7809 (247350304188792832) Skype: chaos.theory17 EpicNPC: PowerBot PM You can contact me through the above channels. Thank you for reading!