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    I love gaming, fishing, motorbikes, music, sport, TV, movies, my work, my friends and family. My daughter is the love of my life.

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  1. Selling a Unique 99 Strength Obby Mauler! I have 100% Feedback with over 250+ Successful orders! (On PlayerAuctions) Selling on PlayerAuctions through the link HERE Price is $480 USD on PlayerAuctions Or PM me Skype: chaos.theory17 Discord: CT17#7809 1 Attack - 1 Defence - 99 Strength - 31 Prayer - 88 Hits Firecape - Imbued Berserker Ring - Slayer Staff - Unholy Book - Amulet of Torture - Berserker Neck - Cosmetics and Supplies! Account can max hit 48's at Combat 58! That is over 3/4 the hp of the average BH target! Account comes with the login creation email! If through PA, account details are sent to you within 12 hours or less! Watch how powerful this character is! Click the links and watch yourself in future action! 48 hit Kill! Obby Mauler is OP! PM me for more clips, I have loads to show how powerful your character can be!
  2. Hi guys, I have an account I am looking to sell and would like to have it priced correctly, Information on myself and character below, Stats: 99 Str / 1 Attack / 1 Defence / 88 Hp / 31 Prayer / 63 Range / 60 Mage - Combat 58.5 with a max hit of 48 Notable equips: Firecape / Slayer Staff / Berserker Ring (i) / Unholy Book / Loads of items, supplies and cosmetics My rep: I have 250+ PlayerAuctions Reputation / Moderator on / Long time member of, all can be verified. All 100% feedback ratings with good reps. Account comes with creation IP, date, creation email included. Comes with whatever information you need for recoveries. Comes with 2 months members, depending on how long it would take to sell. No bans, mutes or anything else. I hand trained the character myself. 1 attack, 99 str grind was real. I understand some markets attract more value than others, and also that reputation means a lot too. Thanks for reading, and thanks for your time to price check it. Let me know if any additional information is needed. Contact me as well if you might be interested in buying it, Skype: chaos.theory17 Discord: CT17#7809 Thanks!
  3. Al D

    Recover Deleted Email Acc

    It might be better to get the original owner to help you out
  4. Send me your scythe link, also add me on skype or discord please
  5. Sorry, want someone with rep. Bump
  6. Hi guys, I am a complete novice when it comes to OSRS, and I have a long history of getting services here on the forums to help advance myself and this request is no different. I am in need of somebody with a high reputation to help me get a berserker ring (i) for my obby mauler. Stats are 1 def, 1 attack, 31 pray. The complete job at hand would be, Gaining the NMZ points using blocking method on your high def character (with as little xp gains as possible) Method can be found here: Mage and range to not exceed 65. Hoping for a quick service from a reputable user. Please get in contact with me for further discussion and quote. Skype: chaos.theory17 Discord: CT17#7809 Looking forward to hearing from some of you!
  7. Al D

    Looking for Varrock Armour 1

  8. Al D

    Looking for Varrock Armour 1

    Gday dudes, Looking for someone to quickly get me Varrock Armour 1. Job to be completed in 1 sitting from start to finish. Explicitly hand done only. You will need to skill, 1-15 mining 1-9 runecrafting 1-20 fishing 1-5 thieving Rune Mysteries is already completed. I can pay with OSRS gp or Verified PayPal. I'm willing to go first to anyone with higher feedback than myself. Please get in touch with how much you can do this for, Skype: chaos.theory17 Discord: CT17#7809 Thanks for reading!
  9. Gday, I am looking to have somemore gfx work done. I'm looking to get offsite forum graphics for an offsite market. What needs done are, 1x Banner gfx 1x Small side panel gfx Please get in contact with me for specifics. Please also let me know of quotes. I can pay with verified PayPal. Contact: chaos.theory17 (Allan) Discord: CT17#7809 Thank you