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  1. fucking brilliant

  2. And not one fuck was given
  3. This is why you should never run untrusted executables, and #2 disable java in your browser.
  4. Basically... anyone who believes in god after learning the facts are ignorant. 
  5. I'm pretty sure they are including rs07 in the same counter on the runescape website.
  6. yolo swag I smoke weed 4 life 420
  7. #swag #yolo #deviantisabass
  8. Anyone else notice a correlation between runescape xp weekends and disasters? EG: The tsunami in Japan was right before an xp weekend.
  9. 1) Blacks don't have food stamps because most are too lazy to go and get them or too busy stealing bikes/running from the police.. 2) Hispanics don't have food stamps because most are illegals.
  10. Technically the 'bot' is just a client and the scripts are the 'bot' because they are the ones doing the automation. EDIT I guess this was already brought up above, didn't read x_x
  11. rofl, this is pretty badass.