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  1. Kez

    Where the oldfags at

    I still check in
  2. Kez

    Rate my new suit.

    I like it... think a pink tie would rock!! Idk why I just love pink ties with grey suits
  3. Kez

    RIP Collin

  4. Kez

    Who feel dead inside?

    I was given this title out of love i share the love
  5. Kez

    Who feel dead inside?

    But we love you WYD Youve been the man ever since another bot days!!! Hehe "eb" days. Nice filter
  6. Kez

    RIP Collin

    Figured. I remember the last time's we spoke he was showing off a handgun and a tonne of Benzos? Seemed to be on the brink in hindsight... Either way. I liked him. He was crazy in a fun, harmless way. RIP Collin
  7. Kez

    I’ve survived 3 serious suicide attempts

    That's a shame mate. Hope things get better for you. Your family must be terrified
  8. Kez


    Hmm he probably hates you like everyone else
  9. Kez

    Any hypothermia or near death experiences?

    Normally they feel extremely hot, not cold, when it becomes dangerous? Which is what leads to people undressing, because they think they're overheating. Tis what I been led to believe anyway.
  10. Kez

    Bring back

    i had had a lot more posts back then huh
  11. Kez

    Inside job

    Yay thanks a lot mate
  12. Kez

    Inside job

    Can I get an 09 joint date
  13. Kez

    Technology is cray

    All you druglords keep your fingers out your photos like you would your face lol.