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  1. Richest Guy in Powerbot??

    Brantely took the title of richest and biggest dick of random
  2. @badboys of random

    Out of all your lame suspensions this was the funniest @Jamal
  3. i took too much cocaine once and when i brought a girl back to my dorm i couldn't get hard at all.
  4. What's the best p2p money making method?

    Op is useless to himself
  5. @Tech Nerdz

    Will you ever fucking learn to do things for yourself and learn by yourself? You're a fucking lazy piece of shit sand nigger
  6. This place has turned mega-nasty

    fuck you, you piece of shit junky ass white trash. You should be fucking killed and your fucking girl and kids. You are what society calls trash, you need to go fucking look yourself in the mirror and see what a wreck you are then when you're ready, end it.
  7. How do you guys deal with depression?

    Kill something