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  1. Sorg

    RIP Collin

    That was during vlog wars haha. Those were good times sad to see him pass. Sad to see what opioids does to people at times.
  2. Sorg

    I’ve survived 3 serious suicide attempts

    France is always available to those who don’t wanna live but at least make their lives useful until their demise. Instead of trying to take your life gamble with it. Join the FFL let them break and build you and if you do survive it’s a free citizenship and at least 140k$ if you make it. Psychiatric wards don’t help all they do is pump you with drugs and try to seclude you from reality. I myself have 4 failed suicide attempts and been locked inside a mental hospital for 2 months. What I’m trying to say is ending your life ain’t worth it, but put yourself in a position where you can fight for it or lose it either is win win
  3. Sorg

    I thought of joining the FFL It’s okay alpaca I know you’ve started to hate because I didn’t fuck with alpacas go back to Sd8z or whatever your name was before mason gifted you sponsor
  4. Sorg

    I thought of joining the FFL

    I know u did :)
  5. Sorg

    I thought of joining the FFL

    Everytime i set my mind towards the goal there are circumstances that come in my life that makes me not wanna go through with that plan. 1. Love - New girl came 2. Friends - When i thought i had nothing there always there pushing me back up even tho i outclass them financially, they seem to always wanna do things for me. 1 friend even decided to quit his business and give me his customers so i can double back on the 300k i lost in may of 2018. 3. Family - They believe i won't survive and are doing everything to change my mind. Trying to get me to join the police in sweden instead. 4. Last 2 police officers who were with me at my questioning for possession of marijuana said that they would rather see me join the police and help me through it rather than joining the ffl and killing people because that won't make my life any better. tl;dr I have a goal in life but more things come in my life that give me second thoughts about my first goal.
  6. Sorg

    100th post

    I used to be top of the list back in 2016 for nearly 4 days in a row lmao. But then I got muted and lost my place
  7. Sorg

    Who feel dead inside?

    Well i took ecstasy yesterday and while on that i was tricked into taking Lsd. Somehow i managed to sleep with my best friends ex next to me which later resulted into me going out of control and trying to fuck her. Yesterday i lost my best friend but it seems like he got back to together with his ex, so yeah i feel like shit.
  8. Sorg

    anyone know a safe way to sell accounts with paypal?

    How fucking long has it been since you disappeared
  9. Why does it cost 20$ in the store and when you check out it says 99$
  10. Sorg


    alpacas have always been incompetent even for a basic script writer rank
  11. Sorg


    Do you think os mobile will get a bot?
  12. I think i need a new plug since my old plug seems to always delete my record of purchases @Bogla
  13. Sorg

    can i be mod

    you're the only cool mod here That's why we don't need it to grow another one.
  14. Sorg

    can i be mod

    if you became a mod you would become a dick.