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  1. Paulo Augusto

    selling osrs gp 80c/m

    ill buy 100m
  2. Paulo Augusto

    Need quests complete

    alrite leave it out ^^
  3. price is not a problem.
  4. Paulo Augusto

    80-94 mage requirement (bursting)

    pmed ya
  5. Paulo Augusto

    Need quests complete

    8m ill do this for ya
  6. Paulo Augusto

    looking for 70-75 smith + 60-70 hunt (trusted only)

  7. Title says it all post ur prices!
  8. Paulo Augusto

    Infernal cape ?

    bro u lookin at around 700m with those stats xD
  9. Paulo Augusto

    Need quote for 1-70 strength with 1 attack

    35M ill do it
  10. Paulo Augusto

    1-55 Slayer / Mith Gloves / BF Pump Ready

    whats ur budget pal?
  11. Paulo Augusto

    72-83 construction with jellery box and pool built!

    Coas its 72 now and i can? Cant i who are u anyway?
  12. Paulo Augusto

    VMM Needed Please

    where u guys making this trade tell guy private message me on here.
  13. Paulo Augusto

    Need a few different skills trained

    ill do it all private message me if interested in a reasonable price!
  14. Paulo Augusto

    VMM Needed Please

    i can be ur vmm if u like for vounch