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  1. needscroll

    Osrs auto clicker

    You will be fine
  2. needscroll

    Question for people who write scripts

    Yes. I would do alching at ge and maples at seers. Also combat at bandit camp. I would switch activities every few hours though.
  3. needscroll

    Question for people who write scripts

    I went 8 hours a day for 3 months straight before catching a temp ban. I think it was because I got greedy at the end and started doing 12 a day. Script was a private script AIO script.
  4. needscroll

    [OSRS] Tutorial Island

    Completes tutorial island. Start the script anywhere on tutorial island. Run time should be about 15 minutes. If script is broken, please post the part of the tutorial where the script broke or the issue with the script. Use at your own risk as tutorial island has a very high ban rate.
  5. needscroll


    Spins flax into bowstring at lumbridge castle. Start at lumbridge bank with flax in the bank.
  6. needscroll

    [F2P][RS3] Cursed Energy Gatherer

    NOTE: Does not work in legacy mode. Please run in eoc mode. NOTE: Due to recent update, you now need to choose your conversion settings beforehand. Right click on rift and select your settings. I am working on a method to automatically change this. Features: -Gathers cursed energy in wilderness and banks at cape merchant -Converts memories to either energy or experience depending on user choice -Returns to volcano after death -Able to run from anywhere -Auto unlocks loadstones for new accounts -Custom banking amounts Features to come: -Eating food and healing at banker -Ability to change amount of energy to bank at (set to 50 as default right now) (completed) -Unlock loadstone and gather energy in one step (currently have to manually stop and run script) How to run: 1. Have wilderness loadstone unlocked or run script and select "Activate" for new accounts 2. Run script and select energy or experience 3. Profit Some Images:
  7. needscroll

    Banana Grabber

    The original thread was locked for various reasons so I'm making a new one. Also better to have separate threads for each script. Features -Collects bananas on the island of Karamja -Stores the bananas in baskets while collecting for greater storage and worth -teleports and banks at the GE, Castle Wars, or Edgeville depending on user choice -features antiban and a failsafe return to Edgeville in event of a bug -RS wiki will claim a rate of about 676k per hour although mileage may vary. I find I get around 400k - 500k per hour. -Absolutely no requirements (needs membership) Images
  8. needscroll

    [FREE][RS3] FreeRunecrafter

    Hello again. While browsing the scripts I realized there is no free runecrafting script. So I made one! (I know there is a paid one. This script supports only nonmember runes to avoid competition. My script is meant for people who only want to do a little light runecrafting without heavy investment. If you want to craft blood runes for massive moneymaking you should use the paid script) NOTE: For best effects, use in fullscreen mode. Features -Crafts all nonmember runes at the respective alters -dynamic walking -Antiban Banks to use with alters -Air == Varrock West Bank -Water == Draynor Bank -Earth == Varrock East Bank -Fire == Duel Arena Bank -Body == Edgeville Bank -Mind == Falador West Bank To use, start off in the bank listed with the alter above with the right tiara. See images. Some Images