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  1. Picks potatoes at the field east of Draynor and banks at Draynor bank. Start the script at Draynor bank. Made in response to Image:
  2. NOTE: Does not work in legacy mode. Please run in eoc mode. NOTE: Due to recent update, you now need to choose your conversion settings beforehand. Right click on rift and select your settings. I am working on a method to automatically change this. Features: -Gathers cursed energy in wilderness and banks at cape merchant -Converts memories to either energy or experience depending on user choice -Returns to volcano after death -Able to run from anywhere -Auto unlocks loadstones for new accounts -Custom banking amounts Features to come: -Eating food and healing at banker -Ability to change amount of energy to bank at (set to 50 as default right now) (completed) -Unlock loadstone and gather energy in one step (currently have to manually stop and run script) How to run: 1. Have wilderness loadstone unlocked or run script and select "Activate" for new accounts 2. Run script and select energy or experience 3. Profit Some Images: