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  1. what genre is this

    It has good instrumental Tell u what, u find a way to 100% remove the vocals(none of that audacity etc bs that doesnt completely remove em) and ill hook ya up with good deal of osrsgp. It should also retain the quality
  2. WYD 4 MOD

    yeah it will be entertaining to watch him resolve disputes
  3. Alva did nothing wrong

    well since op is banned then that means this statement is wrong
  4. Well... That just happened

    worth man
  5. Need graphics designer

    lol quality troll
  6. Well... That just happened

    did u get drunk at job or u got found out masturbating on rs pixels
  7. drinking beer ama

    and you are still doin services for ppl? pathetic. i'll maybe hire your slave ass later.
  8. 9HP Account

    like 100m rs3
  9. guyz help

  10. Account section suggestion, Minimum value to prevent scammers.

    i think op is trying to recover many of the accunts he made in the past, hence this thread, to brush off the suspicion from him.
  11. kaii sucks balls

    i once waited like 30min-1hour but i didn't care cuz i was doing something else
  12. drinking beer ama

    weren't u underaged
  13. Gratz Alva on the mod reinstatement

    he was just another andy that had to be retired
  14. Yea if acc gets locked u get msg on ur email thats registered to the acc which will unlock, if password is incorrect aka u cant even log into the site instead of the lock msg afterwards then the acc is most likely recovered.