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  1. that label was added after i made the thread so i had no idea if my acc was hacked or if there was a password reset.
  2. ye i edited these myself, usually i don't put much time into editing(5-15min max) but this time i put more effort to it and it turned out neat
  3. couldn't log in so i had to reset it.
  4. Second vid is same video but other song
  5. do u write "hhhhhhh" instead of "haha"
  6. tricep/chest dips are the best maybe some nachos with extra dip from some mexican menu would be nice
  7. it's not about the colour, in this case it's more about the design of the sweater but perhaps black one would have looked alittle bit better than the other ones.
  8. maybe u got friends that you think it would look better on, you could give it to them, like it's not shit but it doesn't look that good on u
  9. buy it or just pvm, risk fight or whatever you are good at, not that hard.
  10. you be talking about hoes do you lack your own opinion, mine would be to throw it away.
  11. not bad, your chest seems to be lacking though.
  12. are you saying this so a hitman would come and kill yo