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  1. ye i didnt have enough pray bonus or good gear to get 40 kills, flicking is faster kills anyways unless u chin which is waste of money. the acc also had 83 def so there is no way i'd get 20-40 kills without flicking or ely + chins
  2. best way to do sara pre much, but need good mouse for that otherwise it's gonna be terribad
  3. once i fell asleep at 1 spot and woke up at a different one, so anything can be possible rite
  4. saw a trailer of it on tv
  5. ty, duo range is good alternative aswell, especially with rigour, melee is just less cost compared to ranged where u use tons of diamond bolts(and chins if u use chinning method)
  6. excellent, you can be a suicider in a raid