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  1. Os Rs - - Green Dragon Killer

    everything in wilderness drops looting bag so it would be better if the script pickups the looting bag when killing green dragons upon losing one
  2. waterfall quest

    ability to use games necklace, dueling ring and stamina potion to speed up the quest also 1 important thing is for the account to attack skeleton in the dungeon before getting the glarials amulet and then attacking (or getting hit if already aggroed) skeleton again when getting to the next passageway, wait for skeleton to hit again or attack one to be in combat so the moss giants don't 1 hit 10 hp accounts.
  3. was planning to buy one in the future but i needa figure this one out
  4. Ban-rates

    use scripts that don't have flaws, that way you will reduce your chances of getting banned
  5. Dabbing on nazi mods

    i think he died
  6. Dabbing on nazi mods

  7. OSPester - Plays the Pest Control minigame

    does it work with the updated pest control
  8. Oldfag rank

    i'll take one
  9. is there something i can make constant 500$ month ?

    pickup bottles
  10. @ScriptUsers

    Black chin bot Blackjacking bot Brutal dragons/wyvern bot Gdk bot Lizardman shaman bot Wallasaki bot( i heard they are good gps) Raids bot - Must make it by october Black dragons(taverly) bot Dart maker bot Half of these are probs not worth doing cuz high reqs n effort.
  11. Piss blood

    could be a kidney problem
  12. Lizardman Shaman Improvements Coming to Runescape

    Atleast make tl;dr versions If u wanna quote da updates