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  1. basically u have to know the acc seller irl to be atleast 90% safe
  2. you should start questioning your diet only after making sure that your workouts are 100% on point.
  3. so this is the gear setup you could afford with your 200fb, rofl. why d legs and d boots, r u an ironman
  4. you know you are broke when ~8$ is a waste of cash for a game that you actually play.
  5. Idk the fuck is skyr but aside from that everything is +1 Altho i mix cottage cheese with something to make it taste better, u know cottage cheese tastes shit when u have eaten it in its pure form for years.
  6. just buy membership once and start buying bonds for osrsgp if you don't want to buy membership for your own money a sponsor that is broke irl & ingame, rofl.
  7. drop the junk from your bank or drop the willows right on the spot, works everytime.
  8. willows obviously, u wont make shit from cutting yews anyways.
  9. estupido mexicano switch to 1 tick 2 tick suck my dick 3 tick woodcutting at ape toll.
  10. from 1 to minho, you pick.
  11. nice nice.
  12. whats good about cigs, i once tried cigs after alcohol and that shit sobered me up quickly, not cool.
  13. the fucks clonezolam what does weed do, does it make u laugh at every corny joke fucks xanax, does it make allnighters tolerable or whats the good shit about it
  14. its kez 99%, he has like 1-3 alts.