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  1. no only skrill, i might make btc acc soon
  2. bump
  3. you go first unless i deem you trusted if you have below 100 fb + non-sponsor and don't wanna go first we'll use a middleman(been scammed once by guy who had 48 fb lol). price: 1$/M
  4. i see, makes sense, yet some gold sellers tend to use methods like these. they probably think that the more money you trade over in 1 trade the more chances of being detected.
  5. i believe they kick it or say "kick it" in the video
  6. there wouldnt be a need to delete this thread if blake wouldnt quote my post 3 times where the offsite name is displayed smh. does @in someone send em notification @blakeblood9
  7. no clue, i got my answer though, you can delete thread now, and give me 20$.
  8. from your experience, is it worth to do several trades for larger amounts of gp or do you just chuck it in one go when selling or buying, does giving junk have any significance?
  9. yea i see that, i guess thats how it works, just not used to that, thanks.
  10. i'm not sure but didn't you say somewhere that it doesn't matter whether you are using a lvl 3 to sell the gold off from or a main, the risks of getting banned is same, which does make sense to me as i think that's not what jagex is looking at when it comes to rwting, then again i could be totally wrong about it. but ye i'll note that, thanks.
  11. not tryna advertise and shit but if its not then u can delet this thread syth* - how do u check feedback there? i'm pretty new there and the website design seems fucked up or it's supposed to be like that i once sold gold to 1 guy there who had positive comments of given transactions as an indicator of feedback ,like 600 posts of "sold x amount fast and easy, ty" etc, is that how u check it?
  12. say i have 500m on account, i legit xfer the money(100m for example) to another account no rulebreaking. i then change IP and sell the 100m that i got from the other account, will the 500m account be untouched or there is still chances of getting banned on both
  13. since jagex can tell if you sold ur acc or someone actually hacked it, can they just ban all of your accs that you interacted with when transferring gold for rwting(when you transfer money to 1 account that you will be using to sell the gold from)? or will they only ban the account that will have rwt history on it, so if you sell gold from an account that you traded money to before changing IP to get the other accounts but the rwting one unaffected, will only the rwt acc get banned? idk how to make this sound less confusing, but opinions would be appreciated. i've been rwting for quite some time but yeah i have always wondered about this since i haven't gotten banned yet. @Kaii
  14. just suck a nigga dick no foreplay, all day.