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  1. oh yeah it doesnt do that for me then lol. for some reason. Do i need to have it selected before i start the script or after?
  2. lol yeah idk whats going on. idk if its disconnecting and relogging into a world and then fire wave isnt selected anymore? is that a thing? lol never paid attention
  3. yeah i do and somehow i leave it for 2-3 hours and come back to it smacking the monsters with a staff. gained like 8 strength levels from it lol.
  4. so found out its nearly impossible to bot with fire wave in nmz, everytime it relogs or something, the spell doesnt auto cast anymore and ends up training whatever the staff is selected to (att, str, def) which i dont mind getting those stats either way but id like to train mage in nmz. Anyway to add a mage interface to select what spell to auto cast?
  5. haha right basically the same thing at same time xD. in the process of mortanyia on my new account so i can run this more often on there instead of my main,
  6. stats should be like at least 60+ def 75 mage 75 range, mortanyia hard diaries for the increase in rune drops.
  7. Joxun

    Help with VIP

    its saying i have only 4 hours of bot time in the client.
  8. Joxun

    Help with VIP

    VIP ran out today and every time i go to add another month it says theres nothing in my cart... how come its not letting me purchase another month.
  9. its like 3 weeks old, has 61 att 55 str 60 def 79 range 75 mage 70 hp and other skills as well lol botted the whole account so far. almost 1k total
  10. awesome will test out in a little while, just botted for 5 hours straight. risking it for the biscuit lol gonna take a break for a while. Thanks for the update though!
  11. yeah between sips. it drinks. wait wait wait wait drink. it gets to like 400 points before npcs start coming out and then im still at 20 hp (i have 70 hp) after overload so when they come out im still sipping absorptions. then starts guzzling rock cake but i probably use an extra dose or 2 just from damage im taking while sipping as theyre attacking. not that big of a deal just would be more efficient if it drank to about 800 points before they mobs even came out. That way it has time to guzzle rock cakes before getting hit to take less damage. but ive been running it the past hour and half and seems to be going strong still.
  12. its not my cache because i already cleared it not too long ago. i just deposited all my pots and let it take them out again and seems to be working correctly now. as for the drinking absorptions though, still super slow. always has been like that since ive gotten the script
  13. so now its not even drinking absorption pots... just stands there and does nothing lol. drinks overload and thats it. doesnt use rock cake either. Also one more thing, it drinks absorption pots SOOOO slow. lol anyways to increase that. So i put 3 overloads in the options (had 3 full doses in invent already and full invent of absorption pots along with rock cake) so it started the dream automatically. Drank the overload and then detected not enough overloads after drinking a dose. 1434 Starting iDreamNMZ 1435 [00:00:49][TreeScript|Script]:Potion counter no longer running, restarting the thread. 1435 ====0==== 1435 [00:00:51][EnterDream|Task]:Talking to Dominic. 1435 ====0==== 1435 [00:00:53][EnterDream|Task]:Chosing previous selection. 1435 ====0==== 1435 [00:00:54][TreeScript|Script]:Sending space bar to clear chat. 1435 ====0==== 1435 [00:00:55][TreeScript|Script]:Sending space bar to clear chat. 1435 ====0==== 1435 [00:00:58][EnterDream|Task]:Agreeing with terms. 1435 ====0==== 1435 [00:00:59][EnterDream|Task]:Entering dream state. 1435 ====0==== 1435 [00:00:59][TreeScript|Script]:Sending space bar to clear chat. 1435 ====0==== 1435 [00:01:01][EnterDream|Task]:Accepting bosses. 1435 ====0==== 1435 [00:01:05][Overload|Task]:Drinking overload. 1435 ====0==== 1435 [00:01:19][TreeScript|Script]:Setting potion tile. 1435 ====0==== 1435 [00:01:19][TreeScript|Script]:No corner tile set yet, using default. 1435 ====0==== 1436 [00:01:56][DepoOvl|Task]:Incorrect amount of overloads in inventory, requested: 12; VS Current amount: 11 1436 ====0==== 1436 [00:01:56][DepoOvl|Task]:Due to the above message, storing absorptions to correct the amount of overloads.