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  1. I sold 91m thank you bogla

  2. I sold 17m thank you bogla

  3. I sold 51m thank you bogla

  4. I sold 45m thank you bogla

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  6. I sold 58m thank you bogla

  7. I sold 17m thank you bogla

  8. I sold 18m thank you bogla

  9. 10M successfully selling boglagold 100%

  10. 32M successfully selling boglagold

  11. You are not "bogla" anymore you are Arcus and you keep lying to boglas old clients who dont know its Arcus I dont think this is right and you should be forced to tell your clients that you are running both chats at the same time and its the same employees on both sides! You are misleading customers !



    1. Yellow Hat

      Yellow Hat

      I have screenshots of and employee confirming on your chat that he was in both bogla and arcus chat at the same time   when I used to sell to bogla before coming back to find arcus puchased the website domain / business and you shouldn't be able to abuse clients on Arcus and when they get tired they go to bogla then you do the same there..


      You should be forced to consolidate both websites or atleast have a banner that says "Arcus owned bogla services" it doesnt make sense to me why you can also let your clients purchase services/gold then demand such strict ID requirements after the purchase! You aren't open with them nor do you care about them you are only in it for the money and a change is coming to this industry! I promise you this I wont rest until the sites / service providers abusing their clients are dealt with or you conform to a proper manner of servicing your clients!



  12. I sold 23m thank you bogla

  13. I sold 30m thank you bogla

  14. I sold 107m thank you bogla

  15. I sold 38m thank you bogla