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    playing sports and games,also reading books and watching movies

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rs3hot's Feedback

  1. Tacitus left Positive feedback   

    Sold 100M. Quick and easy.

    rs3hot was Trading

  2. DarkBlade left Positive feedback   

    Bought account for $179 and 50m gold for $70. Went smooth. got both.

    rs3hot was The Seller

  3. Sparta_ left Positive feedback   

    +1 they did 1-35 agility for me for cheap will use again :)

    rs3hot was The Seller

  4. CodeJack left Negative feedback   

    Bought an account and it was recovered to their email the day.

    rs3hot was The Seller

  5. ChiefyBillis left Positive feedback   

    Sold acct, fast and smooth. Would do business again

    rs3hot was Trading

  6. natalie09 left Positive feedback   

    Sold 1.2b rs3 gp for btc, no doubt very trusted, great com, 100+

    rs3hot was Trading

  7. Dez left Negative feedback   

    Botted on my account when claimed hand. Maxed account lost. DO NOT TRADE.

    rs3hot was The Seller

  8. Superman left Positive feedback   

    Gave me 10M for winning a giveaway, thanks

    rs3hot was Trading

  9. Atif Javaid left Negative feedback   


    rs3hot was The Seller

  10. Atif Javaid left Positive feedback   

    Did not refund me for the gold I never got. Leaving this till I get my money!

    rs3hot was The Seller

  11. keprofs0uls left Positive feedback   

    buying gold. i am keys-talking to you know on chat

    rs3hot was The Seller

  12. Semp left Positive feedback   

    Signature Payment thanks

    rs3hot was Trading

  13. zorlouck left Positive feedback   

    I went first and the trade went good and smooth. Recommmending.

    rs3hot was Trading

  14. zodiac843 left Positive feedback   

    Bought 07 Gold thanks very much :) A++++

    rs3hot was The Seller

  15. zodiac843 left Positive feedback   

    Bought a level 113 07 account went first no issues very trusted A++++

    rs3hot was The Seller

  16. Flash left Positive feedback   

    Bought a 1 month membership, A++ service :D AYYYY

    rs3hot was The Seller

  17. Hangman left Positive feedback   

    Sold my account to them went fast thank you for the business.

    rs3hot was Trading

  18. jibz left Positive feedback   

    Bought a maxed combat (rs3) off of them, took some time but was well worth it.

    rs3hot was The Seller

  19. pol res4 left Positive feedback   

    Bought bond for paypal, thanks

    rs3hot was The Seller

  20. justin j left Positive feedback   

    Fast/amazing exchange rate

    rs3hot was The Seller

  21. lewisbraines left Positive feedback   

    sold me gold in past thanks man

    rs3hot was The Seller

  22. Smokey_ left Positive feedback   

    Good fast service.

    rs3hot was The Seller

  23. toolchest left Positive feedback   


    rs3hot was Trading

  24. cheesegod14 left Positive feedback   

    Sold 3 pure accounts, very fast and professional

    rs3hot was Trading

  25. justin j left Positive feedback   

    sold 07 account 100m rs3 gold awesome trust worthy 100%

    rs3hot was The Seller