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  1. So far so good! Re-installed the client and rebooted and seems to be working great now. Thanks again man!
  2. I gotcha, yeah I wasn't sure what percentage it was supposed to eat at. My hp is 73 and it hasn't ate for me at all. I shall try to restart, even re-download the client and give it another go. Ah i'd love to be one of those people haha. Hopefully I can get it situated. Thanks for responding to me so quick though!
  3. That i'm not too concerned with however, I just haven't seen it eat at all the past couple days I have been running it. The main part is that under 56hp now it does not continue to drink energy pots, and waits for my hp to regenerate back to 53hp to continue picking the keg up. Once it drops again and my health dips below 53hp, it does not pick up the keg until it hits 53 again.
  4. I don't mean to be a pain in the ass lol but I monitored it a couple times again and let it get under 56hp in which it did pick the keg up at 54hp however, it still has not eaten a shark and also did not continue drinking energy pots after I dropped below 56hp. It now waits until my hp regenerates to 53-54hp and then picks up the keg, but does not continue drinking energy pots, or eat the food.
  5. Thank you sir! I will reset client and restart. Much appreciated.
  6. Yes sir, start every time with 2 food + energy pots in my inventory.
  7. So I figured out why it keeps stopping. I am 73hp and whenever my health drops below 56hp it will not eat my food, instead it waits until my health regenerates back to 56 and then resumes picking up the keg. Once it drops below 56 again it repeats itself. I have tried with lobster and shark and it does not eat them.
  8. Gotcha, I just found it weird the first time I used it I was getting 42k/hr and then the next couple times I have used it I'm getting 20k/hr and it just sits in front of the keg for a minute or so and then picks back up. Maybe it's just me lol. I tried restarting the client and running it again but it still does the same thing. Not a huge deal really but I was just curious. Breaks are definitely a good thing just wanted to make sure everything was good. Thank you again.
  9. I restarted earlier to see if that was the issue and it persisted but I am giving it another go, I will let you know how it goes. Thank you!
  10. Kegs is acting up for me a bit, worked flawlessly last night for 4 hours netting around 42k exp/hr, today however I notice it takes long breaks sometimes at the keg which was dropping my exp to around 20k/hr. Not sure what happened lol. Been a great script other than that though!