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  1. notbotting

    Official powerbot Discord

  2. my favorite place is the lake that i grew up on lived here through out school my family still lives here great place. 419
  3. notbotting

    what you guys working on Rs Atm?

    im working on a iron man getting 99 FM at wt keeping all crates probably sell the account when i finish with the 500-600 crates.
  4. notbotting

    My account for botting got unbanned

    lucky think its random i made another post i botted on all 3 accs like 10 hours a day they unbanned one dont think they look into them at all lol
  5. sold guy an account he tried to scam and block me after he gave me half payment and took recovery info ect they told me to keep acct till he pays rest which he wont do.
  6. notbotting

    Positive contemporary botting stories

    i botted 99 cooking on 2 accounts fresh level 3's then got like 85 fletching on both before they got banned botted to alot though so prob caught up and got banned . I made iron man got 70 agility then 76 hunter on fresh iron man got banned then put a ticket in they unbanned it botted like 10 hours a day on it .
  7. notbotting

    Jagex un banned my account lol

    made some level 3's and botted them got like 99 cooking and 90 fletch on 2 then made a iron man botted 70 agility and 76 hunter and that one got unbanned was botting on same ip too dont think they even look into the appeals
  8. notbotting


  9. notbotting

    WTB PS4 Fortnite account

    i have s3 account if your interested i play on pc and xbox pretty sure ps4 would work too.
  10. why would you bot and watch it ?
  11. Selling taking offers pm or reply or add discord mcdoublegood#7837