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  1. anwar4

    Requesting dungeoneering service

    Level 1 dungeoneering. It is a new account.
  2. anwar4

    Requesting dungeoneering service

    I need ~10k tokens worth of dungeoneering. Willing to pay in RSGP or RS membership. Post here, DM me here, or message on Discord: anwar6953#3946
  3. anwar4

    [RS3] Divination - WIP

    Note: This is a work in progress. Currently, it only supports pale wisps. I will be adding support for more wisp locations, as my account gets higher divination level. Make sure you start the script in the pale wisps area.
  4. anwar4

    (RS3) Working divination script!

    I can make this. I'll start with very small functionality and then expand over time. Do you have any recommendation on where to start? Edit: Initial version implemented:
  5. anwar4

    Lost ScriptWriter Rank

    I had gotten ScriptWriter rank in: It then got transferred to my old account in: I had it for about 5-6 days. However, as of yesterday, I no longer seem to have the rank.
  6. anwar4

    OSRS Quick Miner

    How many hours did you bot a day? How many hours did you bot overall? Where were you mining? (dropping or banking)?
  7. anwar4

    OSRS Quick Miner

    I'm mining copper at varrock east mine. Problem #1: When asking it to drop mine (power mine), it mines 28 ores, but then doesn't drop any. Problem #2: When asking it to bank mine (varrock east), it mines and walks to varrock bank. However, it then repeatedly walking back and forth in varrock bank, without actually using the bank. Problem #3: When asking it to bank mine (varrock west), the script shuts off instantly, without any indication in logs about why.
  8. anwar4


    I can sell you some. Not 5b, but smaller amounts. Are you on Discord?
  9. Sorry we could not win it last time 

  10. Just ready to rip a gold sale bud

  11. anwar4

    Requesting account delete and migration.

    Thanks for reminding me to do that. I went ahead and did that. Please proceed.