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  1. They do though. They’re Nazis and they can’t oppress people if there isn’t anyone to oppress.
  2. Led Zeppelin

    Isn’t it time to demote Timer and hand off the torch?

    i am better, feeling more clear minded
  3. Led Zeppelin

    making a new sick roonscape account

    Not botting ?
  4. Led Zeppelin

    Back from 4 days in Ireland and 2 days in Scotland AMA

    I think it's funny how you could practically throw a bar glass or bottle and it won't break most of the time but dropping it three feet always shatters it.
  5. Led Zeppelin

    [Rant] Current state of Powerbot

    Have fun acting like you won some argument but I was never arguing and I'm done with this thread.
  6. Led Zeppelin


    Just shows that I have money to spend.
  7. Led Zeppelin


    Get a job is the best way to make money.
  8. Led Zeppelin

    made my first lasagna ever

    Looks nice and tasty
  9. Led Zeppelin

    Back from 4 days in Ireland and 2 days in Scotland AMA

    Did it break and get glass all over?
  10. Led Zeppelin

    Isn’t it time to demote Timer and hand off the torch?

    Hi Kezzy. How are you
  11. Led Zeppelin

    [Rant] Current state of Powerbot

    I've seen more mod stuff here than most non-mod people I've moderated a forum and owned one too so nice flex If you weren't just an ass kisser trying to be the next mod you would know that none of the mods do anything. Most of them log in and look at random, don't check reports and that's it. Yoshiki, Chuckle and DAFP are the only ones who do anything and Coma does more moderation than the other two combined, RSGM basically bought his mod rank.
  12. Led Zeppelin

    [Rant] Current state of Powerbot

    The main reason they do not do this is because they have tried most of these payment methods in the past and a monthly sub turns out to be the most stable, i agree they should listen to what the sw want more and also that the instances per auth is way out of control especially since Paris has said before that "RSBot does not support goldfarming." Simply put, no, Paris once confided in me that "If Jagex offered me a buyout i would take it in a heartbeat" let that show you about how much they care about this bot, also Timer just doesn't have time to update the bot anymore as he's busy with schooling. Coma is busy with work and school and Chris I believe also has a day job so he is really the one putting forth extra effort to make sure this site doesn't fall under. Completely agree but i also think that PSW is too easy to get, the motto around here is "well enough people are using it and coma says it can be premium so it is" nothing to do with the quality of the work or the time input, which by the way i think having usage requirements to make a script go premium is absurd in it of itself because they can't tout the "use premium scripts because they have less users and less likely to get you caught" when they force those scripts to become premium due to usage statistics, i had a real interest in becoming a script writer here in about 2013-2014 but this specifically was what made me not bother with this platform, not to mention their ridiculous policy on private scripts. The ranks should be: Registered users can already put out scripts onto the open SDN Script Writer I - for the new script writers who only have one script but are good enough to be given a rank according to the parameters set. Script Writer II - for the ascending script writers who have many complex scripts and/or trying to make premium scripts. Script Writer III - highest level of non-premium script writer, unlimited VIP and private script access. Premium Script Writer - Unchanged but don't require the script to have a usage requirement first. SW/PSW should be demoted automatically over a period of time, however the fellowship and the scholars are just a boys club the Paris created to give his friends a rank on a forum... they don't mean anything and they won't be going anywhere. I'd argue that random is about the only thing keeping activity going outside of the script category of the forums. Yes is cancer but everyone knows that and that's why we have The Lounge. Changing pricing options wont help when they don't want to spend money at all, what needs to happen is they need to implement a SDN-wide opt-in trial system for all scripts. Chuckle takes pretty good care of the market but I can agree they do need another market mod since the current mod team is just about worthless except for Chuckle and Yoshiki. I have told them how to fix this but they don't have any interest since it would require access to a part of the ACP that I believe only Paris has access to: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/7841-tb-bump-up-topics/
  13. This, I've had accounts with two bot busting moderates and accounts that had one then got permabanned. It's up to parameters that only jagex really knows.
  14. Led Zeppelin


    you need a little sucky sucky danny?
  15. Led Zeppelin

    there are more sponsors than vip members

    less than that cause i got it on sale for $80 and og it was like 80 not on sale and then 150.