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  1. sry paypal not working
  2. vouch sold me 300M osrs

  3. online!
  4. yes though i m out of stock for today
  5. easter also tried to scam me. wanted to buy 210m 07, i wanted to split up the trade. i got sceptic because he hasn t been active lately and he started to time up the trade with delaying it. since i got scammed 175m 07 few days ago it seemed fishy and i didn t do the trade. lucky me this time...
  6. sry i have skrill only.
  7. does anyone knows he's irl information? add skype: rspromill
  8. Just log back in and give back my mils f***face, ruined my fkn christmas
  9. http://www.powerbot.org/community/profile/864773-piers/?tab=node_feedback_Feedback got scammed 175m, went first to guy with 240+ feedback.
  10. Skype: rspromill Always ask for PM 1100m RS3 in stock 292M 07 stock NEVER GOING FIRST, reasons down... first time i got scammed 175m 07, guy had 240+ feedback http://www.powerbot.org/community/profile/358306-easter/?tab=node_feedback_Feedback second time, dude had 550+ feedback + he was sponsor http://www.powerbot.org/community/profile/864773-piers/?tab=node_feedback_Feedback Look at my feedback, i have sold bils bils bils recently.
  11. Skype: rspromill Going first for sponsors only ( it s no problem for me to split the trades into small parts if you feel uncomfortable to go first big amounts ) Always ask for PM Check my feeds 1000M RS3 in stock 120M 07 stock
  12. skype: rspromill