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  1. Scam report kl191

    So i have to refund Him 70m?
  2. Scam report kl191

    Can you remember what was the rsn to who you traded your gold? And do you have any proof that trade happened?
  3. Scamm Report kl191

    Hardtekk, do you remember what was the rsn you tradeda your money?
  4. Scamm Report kl191

    Then i Will refund. Can any mod pm me skrill where i need to send cash. My gold sale thread rate is 1,05usd/m. I quess it s fair?
  5. Scam report kl191

    my account was hacked, user might got scammed.
  6. Scamm Report kl191

    thanks, that s something
  7. Scamm Report kl191

    dougie we wait and see how it ends, i ll probrally refund u. i promise it s bs my account got hacked.
  8. Scamm Report kl191

    wow... sad. some mod please add skype: rspromill
  9. Scamm Report kl191

    how the fuck he got my password is real question. i have accounts with bils what are not hacked. so i have no keylogger. only used same pw on tokenbets and bbb. so beware. on my gold sale thread my skype has been 1,5year rspromill. i have no better proof. hacker removed it from my signature. can mods pm me ip that has been used on my acc recently. starting from 16 august
  10. Scamm Report kl191

    you got something wrong, my only skype is rspromill Where do you say you got my contact??? We havn t had any conversations on powerbot and my skype is different. wow. my account was hacked. someone has been sending mails out for me for almost 2 weeks. if moderators say that the proof is liable for refund i sure will.
  11. FIRST FIRE CAPE FREE !! Welcome to my fire cape service. Service offered: FIRE CAPE & JAD PET Ranged 75-84 = 7,5m Ranged 85-99 =6.5m If going for pet I can lower prices due to bulk LOWER RANGE LEVELS WILL BE ADDITIONAL Contact info/skype: Price/Payment method: Ranged level: Defence level: Hitpoints level: Prayer level: Change Password After! Payments are upfront. Prices are negotiable depending on amount of orders in line You will NOT change password until my notification/completion of order. Capes are usually finished within few hour. If you change password without warning no refund will be given. YOU WILL NOT log on account untill I tell you order is completed. If cape is failed due to YOUR fault for example, leaving account with not enough ammo, not enough sweets etc Refund will be PARTIAL depending on waves till jad. If I fail your cape, I'll re-do it with my own supplies. By posting on my thread you agree to ToS
  12. Buying OSRS Gold

    Need 100m OSRS. Please PM me with rates, no gold shops please.