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    I lowkey think tommy is a ledge because he’s a master baiter
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    mancunians are too funny
  3. Script Writer This rank enables you to access the RSBot SDN(TM) platform where you can upload scripts for others to use. Academic requirements: good understanding of Java fundamentals including OOP ability to follow good design principles such as efficient memory usage, abstraction and Java standards basic mathematical knowledge i.e. knowing how to calculate xp/h rates research skills in order to effectively get answers to your problems, share ideas with others and solve complex issues ability to upload files to a git repo Furthermore you must have a comprehensive understanding of the RSBot API. Scholar People with a broad understanding of Java to a professional level are given this rank to recognise their talents and expertise in the field. Academic requirements: knowledge of Java programming at an SCJP level (Oracle Certified Professional) solid understanding of at least 2 other programming languages - PHP, C#, JavaScript, Ruby, et al. are all considered basic knowledge of data mining and aggregation such as SQL, NoSQL and/or Excel Experience requirements: at least 1 year track record of independent project management proven ability to work in collaborative development efforts history of posts or publications relevant to aforementioned skills on forums like Stackoverflow or other RuneScape(TM) programming related boards exposure to engineering mathematics and algorithms Fellow The Fellowship is regarded as the highest level of academic standard in the industry and proves real life experience with large projects. Academic requirements: knowledge of Java programming beyond SCJP or a degree level in Computer Science or Software Engineering strong understanding of engineering mathematics, algorithms and compiler theory basic knowledge of assembly/machine code Experience requirements: at least 5 years working in the industry proven ability to work with 3rd party API as a consumer publications in recognised and well-established journals managed large scale software projects