Receiver Date Comment Sender  
mynamesskylar mynamesskylar 04/19/18 sold him an account Doggieotreats Doggieotreats
Doggieotreats Doggieotreats 04/19/18 quick easy i went first no problems mynamesskylar mynamesskylar
PhamXBoA PhamXBoA 04/19/18 Sold him OSRS went smooth ty for the fast trade! Zenu Zenu
Zenu Zenu 04/19/18 sold me 15M osrs, went first great and safe seller PhamXBoA PhamXBoA
Pie_Overlord Pie_Overlord 04/19/18 Bought 25M OSRS. Super fast trade! lnsane lnsane
lnsane lnsane 04/19/18 bought 25m 07 from us :) always a pleasure! ty <3 Pie_Tony Pie_Tony
Mith Gamed Mith Gamed 04/19/18 sold me 200m Aaron Aaron
Aaron Aaron 04/19/18 sold him 200m osrs. Guy is as legit as they come. Mith Gamed Mith Gamed
definitelynotbot definitelynotbot 04/19/18 did 2 more firecape for him . and sold him 36m 07 gold . great guy. tyvm! DiannBaby DiannBaby
DiannBaby DiannBaby 04/19/18 I've bought a total of 7 firecapes from this guy so far. The past two were replacements for my two that i lost from some scammer who wiped my accounts. Also bought a total of like 50M gold so far also, all multiple occasions. Will always suggest this guy for firecapes. definitelynotbot definitelynotbot
Obito Uchiha Obito Uchiha 04/18/18 Thanks for trading le gp with us! Great man Kaii Kaii
Kaii Kaii 04/18/18 bought gold to stake with since i am bored....ty!! Obito Uchiha Obito Uchiha
SuperSlimey SuperSlimey 04/18/18 Sold him 140m rs3 :) Tigeris Tigeris
Tigeris Tigeris 04/18/18 Fast n easy seller!! Will use again! SuperSlimey SuperSlimey
AlphaAndOmegaAO AlphaAndOmegaAO 04/18/18 Sold him 50m 07! Thanks Kaii Kaii
Kaii Kaii 04/18/18 Sold me 5M OSRS, smooth trade. AlphaAndOmegaAO AlphaAndOmegaAO
Aaron Aaron 04/18/18 sold him some gold a+++ chuckle chuckle
chuckle chuckle 04/18/18 sold me gold Aaron Aaron
Doggieotreats Doggieotreats 04/18/18 Bought an account for 10m A+++ chuckle chuckle
chuckle chuckle 04/18/18 sold him an account previously owned by him Doggieotreats Doggieotreats
Arctic Cat Arctic Cat 04/18/18 Incredibly courteous and quick service, Thanks! definitelynotbot definitelynotbot
PhamXBoA PhamXBoA 04/18/18 vouch sold him gp CrazyPipe CrazyPipe
definitelynotbot definitelynotbot 04/18/18 Level'd up mining/fishing on 2 accounts for him. Arctic Cat Arctic Cat
YouAreDenied YouAreDenied 04/18/18 nice guy , Positive+1 DiannBaby DiannBaby
Ariba Gold Ariba Gold 04/18/18 Sold me 10m twice! Potatoe Potatoe