Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Paulo Augusto Paulo Augusto 10/16/18 did mm2 for them, they paid well thanks kingdarius96 kingdarius96
kingdarius96 kingdarius96 10/15/18 Did MM2 For me in insane time and very fast and efficient, will be ordering from ya again! Paulo Augusto Paulo Augusto
k3xet k3xet 10/15/18 Purchased his zerker, fast and efficient, thanks so much mate. wtfisabot69 wtfisabot69
SpotlessRex SpotlessRex 10/15/18 Did f cape for him, very nice guy :D k3xet k3xet
WYD WYD 10/15/18 WYD lvl'd my accounts till they were NMZ Ready! Went first, no problems at all. He also updated me every once in a while for progression, good stuff! karbonko karbonko
karbonko karbonko 10/15/18 Done 70/60/60 with nmz quests from level 3 x2 , fast and easy. @ WYD WYD
Spearless Spearless 10/14/18 I was buying a service from him (83-89 ranged) and after 4 days I logged in (although I DID say I wouldnt but i was curious as I got no updates on progress) and saw that my player had advanced HALF a level in FOUR DAYS!! I then confronted him about it and he responded with something along the lines of "Are you always going to be on top of my work". I felt disrespected and the only reason this isnt negative is because I did login although I wasnt supposed to. NicktoonfromRunesc NicktoonfromRunesc
k3xet k3xet 10/14/18 Very Quick, Friendly, Shared screen when fighting Jad. Completed on First Try. Good price for Cape. Would recommend services. SpotlessRex SpotlessRex
OfficialRsgoldrush OfficialRsgoldrush 10/14/18 Edan gave me a great experience with 100m transfer. Service was really great. Probably i will buy some more as soon as i will finish my 100m. guncixx guncixx
Arcus Arcus 10/14/18 traded rs3 for osrs went very smooth, will def be dealing with them in the future in oz in oz
ZedRS ZedRS 10/14/18 Swapped 620m RS3 into 100m. Very fast service, A+++ hardstylers hardstylers
Alex2012 Alex2012 10/14/18 Swapped 653m rs3 > osrs trade went smoothly! Gianlucca Gianlucca
CrazyPipe CrazyPipe 10/14/18 He trained for me range from 47-80 in few days and he get for me b ring i I_Pk_Claws_I I_Pk_Claws_I
iAmInnocent iAmInnocent 10/14/18 Thanks for trading with us! RSGM Sales RSGM Sales
RSGM Sales RSGM Sales 10/14/18 Bought more gold, great trader iAmInnocent iAmInnocent
ElConejoMalo ElConejoMalo 10/13/18 Sold him a good midlevel, really nice guy :) k3xet k3xet
k3xet k3xet 10/13/18 Bought an account from him. I went first and everything went smooth, great seller and nice dude all around. ElConejoMalo ElConejoMalo
god zoran god zoran 10/12/18 Did some runecrafting for him! A+ Sasuke Uchiha Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha Sasuke Uchiha 10/12/18 did some rc for me fast af god zoran god zoran
Spizz Spizz 10/12/18 Sold him btc twice more ty Dbuffed Dbuffed
Meaty1212 Meaty1212 10/12/18 He did leveld my attack/strength/defence to level 40 and woodcutting/mining to level 41 in just 1 day. recommended, he is very friendly and fast working! Phoon Legend Phoon Legend
Belvedere Belvedere 10/11/18 Sold him 251m 07 trough stake X-fer excellent trader, friendly user and very patient. Therael Therael
Therael Therael 10/11/18 Sold me 251M 07. Very friendly and easy to deal with. Thanks alot bro! Belvedere Belvedere
mhmd21 mhmd21 10/11/18 Did 64-80 minning quickly A++ jamieturney jamieturney
Arcus Arcus 10/11/18 brought 40m old school great to deal with in oz in oz