Receiver Date Comment Sender  
iDzn iDzn 02/18/19 Sold him 50M! Thanks! RSGM Sales RSGM Sales
RSGM Sales RSGM Sales 02/18/19 Bought 50m, will always come back, from purchasing to receiving was less than 5 minutes, thanks! iDzn iDzn
DopeAssFreshPrince DopeAssFreshPrince 02/18/19 MM'd a trade for me and silvia xLambo xLambo
Silvia Silvia 02/18/19 Sold him my fortnite account. Used a mm, went smooth. xLambo xLambo
xLambo xLambo 02/18/19 Traded his fortnite account for some RSGP - used a Mod as MM , easy trade - hopefully all goes well from here Silvia Silvia
DopeAssFreshPrince DopeAssFreshPrince 02/18/19 Chill and trustworthy Silvia Silvia
Alex2012 Alex2012 02/18/19 Sold another 35m, as always fast and nice! Resting Dog Resting Dog
KingRunescapeBuyer KingRunescapeBuyer 02/18/19 Wouldn't use this guy. Dumb workers that don't even know Puerto Rico is part of the US. Requires ID for purchases, which is ridiculous. Probably sells his clients info like every other Chinese site phomie phomie
CrazyPipe CrazyPipe 02/18/19 bought 10m gr8 service staff was kolio Hari 123455 Hari 123455
Gandalf Gandalf 02/18/19 sold me a couple accounts, cool lad, always working hard. Good hustler ^.^ Yellow Hat Yellow Hat
Yellow Hat Yellow Hat 02/18/19 Sold him 2 accounts. Fast and easy. Would recommend! +10! Gandalf Gandalf
Bogla Bogla 02/18/19 I sold 20m thank you bogla jfr4nco jfr4nco
tmesgnee tmesgnee 02/17/19 thanks again sausage nips XDDDDD ^.^ Yellow Hat Yellow Hat
phomie phomie 02/17/19 Sold the fam 100m, great lad, phomie 4 pres Yellow Hat Yellow Hat
Yellow Hat Yellow Hat 02/17/19 Bought 100m OSRS gold on my alt account. Delivered safe and super fast! phomie phomie
Normalusica Normalusica 02/17/19 Scammed me for a good chunk, mods let me know where we at on this one please <3 i smell blood in the water. Yellow Hat Yellow Hat
Normalusica Normalusica 02/17/19 Has been working on my account for months with multiple orders logged in today to a cleaned account, only person that had access. ohnoitsuhoh ohnoitsuhoh
Zoroark Zoroark 02/17/19 Thanks! Sold him 250m 07! RSGM Sales RSGM Sales
RSGM Sales RSGM Sales 02/17/19 Bought 250M OSRS gp from them. Went smooth as hell would reccomend. Zoroark Zoroark
CrazyPipe CrazyPipe 02/17/19 Sold 177m quick and easy, even hopped to my world nurrnurr123 nurrnurr123
Normalusica Normalusica 02/17/19 Paid him to do a few quests and level Hunter/Farming and he cleaned the bank. DO NOT TRUST Cistoran Cistoran
nucheh nucheh 02/17/19 Sold him 45m osrs. Went smooth. Thanks again bud xLambo xLambo
xLambo xLambo 02/17/19 Bought 45m thanks! nucheh nucheh
Normalusica Normalusica 02/17/19 Sold all my shit stole about 40 mil + 10m items eraj101 eraj101
Yellow Hat Yellow Hat 02/17/19 This guy is a top guy honestly, did a couple minor things for him previously and he gave me some good $$ for it in-game. Absolute top guy to trade or associate with! VOUCH!! tmesgnee tmesgnee