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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Arctic Arctic 08/16/18 Sold him a bond . smooth . Ty! DiannBaby DiannBaby
CrazyPipe CrazyPipe 08/16/18 User requested an animated banner, was very easy to work with and describe what he needed done very quickly. Would work with again anytime! Phixs Phixs
k3xet k3xet 08/16/18 Fire Cape went excellent. CarvingThe Dead CarvingThe Dead
iAmInnocent iAmInnocent 08/16/18 Thanks for trading with us! Kaii Kaii
Kaii Kaii 08/16/18 bought more gold, quick and easy like last time, thanks iAmInnocent iAmInnocent
k3xet k3xet 08/16/18 brought main account. easy sale shinfinstar1 shinfinstar1
shinfinstar1 shinfinstar1 08/16/18 Sold him max account, 215$ k3xet k3xet
Dewey69 Dewey69 08/15/18 sold firecape , nice guy k3xet k3xet
k3xet k3xet 08/15/18 Got a Firecape 100% legit. Even streamed on twitch, and charged very little. Dewey69 Dewey69
nowster nowster 08/15/18 Sold us around 3B RS3 in the last 2 days! Thanks :D Kaii Kaii
globaledition globaledition 08/15/18 Thanks for trading with us! Kaii Kaii
OfficialRsgoldrush OfficialRsgoldrush 08/15/18 Bought 07 for RS3. Lethal Logic Lethal Logic
Kaii Kaii 08/15/18 Bought 2 bil. Was out of stock at first but was able to get stock very quickly, just a few minutes. Would recommend globaledition globaledition
CrazyPipe CrazyPipe 08/14/18 bought another 24m osrs gp from them!! they really are the best around WHY GO ANYWHERE ELSE :P WhosABot WhosABot
mond1 mond1 08/14/18 thank you for purchasing RS Gold RS Gold
not a botter not a botter 08/14/18 Thanks for trading with us! Kaii Kaii
Kaii Kaii 08/14/18 very fast service, friendly live chat. took about 2 minutes between purchasing and receiving my gold. Very happy will be back. not a botter not a botter
any99 any99 08/14/18 Did him 4 quests for him , nice guy . tyvm DiannBaby DiannBaby
DiannBaby DiannBaby 08/14/18 Fast service, did 4 quest for me right after payment and was done early, will definitely use again any99 any99
Sin Sin 08/14/18 Sold her 200m. Very proactive, but patient buyer. Great customer to have. Much appreciated and look forward to hearing from you again! SellYourDreams SellYourDreams
SellYourDreams SellYourDreams 08/14/18 Bought 200M RS3 from him, trade went smooth and he agreed to go first with no fuss. Thank you, will purchase again in the future. Sin Sin
WYD WYD 08/14/18 Got me 99 Atk Str and Rng. great customer service Sapped Sapped
Qliksense Qliksense 08/13/18 did 6 quest for me within 90 minutes. super fast service, cheapest on the market. Recommend doing business gonna get more accs done with him. blakeblood9 blakeblood9
Teddies Teddies 08/13/18 Sold him 50m 07 ty RsgpDeals RsgpDeals
RsgpDeals RsgpDeals 08/13/18 Easy trade thanks Teddies Teddies