Receiver Date Comment Sender  
insta koed insta koed 01/24/18 Vouched Ariba Rgaegal Ariba Rgaegal
WYD WYD 01/24/18 completed some jobs for me A++++ chuckle chuckle
CrazyPipe CrazyPipe 01/24/18 powerleveled me 85 mage and 99 range. Quick and reliable will be back, thanks. carrot man carrot man
OJuice OJuice 01/24/18 Scammed me 175M RS3 for a service. wont respond on skype Ferks Ferks
Gamed Gamed 01/23/18 Thanks for trading with us again! Kaii Kaii
Kaii Kaii 01/23/18 Bought 07 Gold! Quick fast and easy Gamed Gamed
shakeitout shakeitout 01/23/18 Sold him Gold great guy! very professional! Gamed Gamed
AMM0 AMM0 01/23/18 Vouch for AMM0, Bought another 14m 07 thank you :) Lrug Dord Lrug Dord
Lrug Dord Lrug Dord 01/23/18 sold me 14m quickly, thank you! no hassle! AMM0 AMM0
Gamed Gamed 01/23/18 Purchased Gold from this fella - great transaction and quick payment. shakeitout shakeitout
Aaron Aaron 01/23/18 Bought his starter zerker with b gloves No Prayer No Prayer
rstaco rstaco 01/23/18 Vouch! Sold him 6.16m osrs @ RomeroV RomeroV
rswalmart rswalmart 01/23/18 Sold 1b OSRS, ez trades <3 Alva Alva
Alva Alva 01/23/18 bought a lot of gold from him ! very nice guys ! rswalmart rswalmart
Kaii Kaii 01/23/18 I love kaia, traded 175m <3 Alva Alva
MrStaxServices MrStaxServices 01/22/18 Previously left positive feedback after a smooth account transaction. Account has since been recovered and password changed. Ignored all attempts at communicating with me to resolve (Skype, messages on here etc) This guy is a scammer plain and simple. Tomtee Tomtee
Slepzzz Slepzzz 01/22/18 Sold him a sick main for 170m 07! He went first. EZ Trade Elite Host Elite Host
Elite Host Elite Host 01/22/18 Bought a main account for 170m, everything went well and I'm very happy with the account! He also helped me with many things since I'm pretty noob at the game nowadays, haha! Slepzzz Slepzzz
Reglerr Reglerr 01/22/18 Done multiple trades with us today! Thanks :) Kaii Kaii
Alex2012 Alex2012 01/22/18 sold 1.2b rs3 fast and smooth thanks jamieturney jamieturney
Kaii Kaii 01/22/18 bought 150m fast Reglerr Reglerr
Bogla Bogla 01/22/18 Thanks :) The Operator The Operator
rswalmart rswalmart 01/22/18 sold me 157m good seller A+++ jenbee jenbee
jenbee jenbee 01/22/18 sold him 157m 07 gold , nice buyer ^^ rswalmart rswalmart
elimarr12 elimarr12 01/22/18 Traded accounts with me, very smooth and safe! Servents Servents