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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
dc12 dc12 02/27/2017 Thanks for trading with us! Welcome to the Elite :) www.Runescapegoldmarkt.com Kaii Kaii
kankerspel123 kankerspel123 02/27/2017 Thanks for trading with us! Welcome to the Elite :) www.Runescapegoldmarkt.com Kaii Kaii
BSGP STOCKSALE BSGP STOCKSALE 02/27/2017 Sold him 16M ! great buyer! Kaii Kaii
im everyone im everyone 02/27/2017 Trained some nmz accounts for me and sent me nudes A++++ chuckle chuckle
nowster nowster 02/27/2017 Sold us 500M RS 3! Thanks Kaii Kaii
chuckle chuckle 02/27/2017 Done some nmz for this sick cunt 10/10 good guy im everyone im everyone
Kaii Kaii 02/27/2017 great service, would recommend dc12 dc12
Brody Brody 02/27/2017 A++ Buyer fast and easy Galactic Galactic
Galactic Galactic 02/27/2017 Bought 18M 07 I went first, good trader Brody Brody
Kaii Kaii 02/27/2017 bought another 16m from kaii site, like i said before, he's #1 on the market BSGP STOCKSALE BSGP STOCKSALE
jake3d jake3d 02/26/2017 Just bought an account from Jake3d. Seems like a very genuine man, was polite handled the transaction well. Thanks :) liaam liaam
chuckle chuckle 02/26/2017 Big vouch for this guy! Bought an awesome pure of him for 240M. Great service, was willing to answer all my questions, and assisted me in any way he could! Looking to do further business in the future! A+ Baldo Baldo
Baldo Baldo 02/26/2017 sold him a maxed dher A+++ chuckle chuckle
Bogla Bogla 02/26/2017 Perfect thanks Gerrard Gerrard
Bjarne Werbrouck Bjarne Werbrouck 02/26/2017 Bought 150M 07 from him, A++ Johan95 Johan95
Johan95 Johan95 02/26/2017 sold him 150M from my brother, was fast service. thanks ;) Bjarne Werbrouck Bjarne Werbrouck
Windfury Windfury 02/26/2017 got him fire cape, great guy +++A Alva Alva
Alva Alva 02/26/2017 Did a firecape for me, legendary service +Rep Windfury Windfury
EZ1 EZ1 02/26/2017 Did firecape for me for a cheap price! Fast and easy +++ LiveSober LiveSober
airborneaus airborneaus 02/26/2017 Diregard my last feedback post. Something happened to the account and he helped me get it all worked back out. Sorry for the trouble. Xhizor Xhizor
CrazyPipe CrazyPipe 02/26/2017 Bought a 90 str a+ trader fyrdung91 fyrdung91
fyrdung91 fyrdung91 02/26/2017 Sold him a 40atk 90str 1def 80range, A++ CrazyPipe CrazyPipe
Kaii Kaii 02/26/2017 fast n easy, will buy again when im empty xd kankerspel123 kankerspel123
Jonathan Jonathan 02/26/2017 Sold him signature space :) Yoshiki Yoshiki
Yoshiki Yoshiki 02/26/2017 Rented his sig :) Jonathan Jonathan