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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
VersaceSlowMo VersaceSlowMo 03/25/17 MMed 70M for them.Really fast response,really good service. DopeAssFreshPrince DopeAssFreshPrince
Burgers Burgers 03/25/17 MMed an account trade for him.Really fast response. DopeAssFreshPrince DopeAssFreshPrince
DopeAssFreshPrince DopeAssFreshPrince 03/25/17 MM'd a 70M trade. Great guy and will use again! VersaceSlowMo VersaceSlowMo
Burgers Burgers 03/25/17 Bought my account for 70m, great guy! VersaceSlowMo VersaceSlowMo
VersaceSlowMo VersaceSlowMo 03/25/17 Purchased Main for OSRS GP , trade went smooth , we had a few laughs (: great seller Burgers Burgers
DopeAssFreshPrince DopeAssFreshPrince 03/25/17 MM'ed a RSGP for Account Trade , all went smooth (: Burgers Burgers
Polar Bear Polar Bear 03/25/17 Made a good signature for me,thanks. DopeAssFreshPrince DopeAssFreshPrince
JamieJ JamieJ 03/25/17 bought 15m from me thanks again. Exit_point Exit_point
Exit_point Exit_point 03/25/17 bought gp very good seller JamieJ JamieJ
Bogla Bogla 03/25/17 Swapped 300m rs3, very fast. girrboy girrboy
Inhuman Inhuman 03/25/17 Bought multiple services off him, thanks Giant Mauler Giant Mauler
Giant Mauler Giant Mauler 03/25/17 Did some F2P quests and leveling for the dude. Awesome guy I'd do business with him again. Inhuman Inhuman
harveir harveir 03/24/17 Sold him a max main :) Tigeris Tigeris
Tigeris Tigeris 03/24/17 Bought an 07 maxed Custom account! Great service! A* harveir harveir
Abject Abject 03/24/17 sold us 143m osrs, fast and easy vl4d4s vl4d4s
vl4d4s vl4d4s 03/24/17 Just sold him 143M 07. Trade went smooth :) Abject Abject
Kaii Kaii 03/24/17 I bought 25mil and it was extremely simple. I had the GP within 5min and I'm very pleased with the service. csamson11 csamson11
Kaii Kaii 03/24/17 Bought 20m from website, thanks! Ixion Ixion
Reminisce_ Reminisce_ 03/24/17 One of the best bot makers there is <3 The auto-fighter is godlike Roger Johnny Roger Johnny
The BOSS The BOSS 03/24/17 Sold us 30M @ www.Boglagold.com - Tysm mate Guglio Guglio
Bogla Bogla 03/24/17 shout out to guglio and bogla gold for being awesome in the help chat and quick delivery. thanks again for the 40m always a pleasure doing business The BOSS The BOSS
Chuck Greve Chuck Greve 03/24/17 Sold chuck a 103 cb rs account, trade went very smooth. Thanks again! BigLikeJay BigLikeJay
BigLikeJay BigLikeJay 03/24/17 Bought his sweet ass account for dirt cheap! Went first, and everything went smooth. Highly recommended! :) Chuck Greve Chuck Greve
mattybhafc mattybhafc 03/24/17 did multiple quests and skills for me will definitely order from again dstephens99 dstephens99
Polar Bear Polar Bear 03/24/17 I bought a profile picture and a ps4 banner, I am very pleased. Vegan Gains Vegan Gains