Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Roba Roba 10/23/17 Hello this is brody I get him fire cape Brody Brody
Brody Brody 10/23/17 Got me FIRECAPE Roba Roba
Killer flea Killer flea 10/23/17 Bought the tank! Great guy! coach taylor coach taylor
Str8 point Str8 point 10/23/17 completed 4 quests for this guy, super nice and a great customer! A++ thank you! AMM0 AMM0
AMM0 AMM0 10/23/17 Amazing service did 4 quests super super fast and professional highly recommended Str8 point Str8 point
Kaii Kaii 10/23/17 Sold 500m OSRS WYD WYD
WYD WYD 10/23/17 Sold us 500m 07! Thanks! Kaii Kaii
coach taylor coach taylor 10/22/17 bought another account off me! Killer flea Killer flea
Roba Roba 10/22/17 Sold him some gold. Quick payment, thanks :) ImBaked ImBaked
ImBaked ImBaked 10/22/17 Bought some gold, fast and smooth. I went first Roba Roba
me_boy me_boy 10/22/17 Bought 99str off me on a mauler A++ legit guy. The_Arrow The_Arrow
rswalmart rswalmart 10/22/17 bought 20m , very quick service A Goofy Stoner A Goofy Stoner
skillz1251111 skillz1251111 10/22/17 Thanks for trading with us! You're the best! Kaii Kaii
Tigeris Tigeris 10/22/17 got 90m osrs for good price and fast tyvm dragonite587 dragonite587
dragonite587 dragonite587 10/22/17 Sold him 90m 07 Tigeris Tigeris
The_Arrow The_Arrow 10/22/17 got my mauler to 99strenght thanks a lot me_boy me_boy
1trackmind 1trackmind 10/22/17 Sold him my account, everthing went on Smoothly, A+++++ joocool84 joocool84
joocool84 joocool84 10/22/17 Bought an account off him, trade went very smoothly! Would recommend! A++ 1trackmind 1trackmind
Chris Chris 10/22/17 Very nice and kind person, really helpful :) lukis7670 lukis7670
Roba Roba 10/22/17 Done Monkey Madness for me Fast and cheap . Great guy use him if you can A+ thetaf thetaf
thetaf thetaf 10/22/17 Completed monkey madness for this fellow member +++ Roba Roba
mrbongs mrbongs 10/22/17 sold us 15m osrs gold, good guy Jimsky88 Jimsky88
Jimsky88 Jimsky88 10/22/17 sold him 15mill osrs gp mrbongs mrbongs
Arca Arca 10/22/17 Did huge nmz order ♥ WYD WYD
Dragonborn X Dragonborn X 10/22/17 Did some NMZ leveling again, great guy ! Arca Arca