Receiver Date Comment Sender  
ThePlug ThePlug 04/28/17 Bought over 700m 07 Gold from us thanks for using Ruben Eason Ruben Eason
Ruben Eason Ruben Eason 04/28/17 Bought 250m ThePlug ThePlug
meiasd meiasd 04/28/17 Got him 86-91 fishing on 2 days :p Alva Alva
Alva Alva 04/28/17 did 86 to 91 fishing meiasd meiasd
G4ng G4ng 04/28/17 Bought his account for 180$ worth of bitcoin, wen't first and he didn't disappoint :). This guy is trustworthy and should be treated as so ;) Dolfijnen Dolfijnen
Dolfijnen Dolfijnen 04/28/17 Sold him my Med level for 180$ Btc. Great guy to deal with! Thanks G4ng G4ng
sootanky sootanky 04/28/17 Sold gold, good guy, fast and easy. Trade took like 2 minutes. yeworme yeworme
Alva Alva 04/28/17 sold us 100m 07 dols a+++ rswalmart rswalmart
rswalmart rswalmart 04/28/17 Sold 100m 07 ++A Alva Alva
_Irish_ _Irish_ 04/28/17 Completed some skilling for him. Extremely friendly. Thanks Pakistanii Pakistanii
Shoppa Shoppa 04/28/17 Fire cape service as promised. thank you Styling__ Styling__
Shoppa Shoppa 04/28/17 Completed the fight cave for me, for a firecape. Fast and reliable. Zyzz_brahs Zyzz_brahs
WiseGoldMan WiseGoldMan 04/28/17 still not refunded me. i'm dispute shortly hakim16 hakim16
Pakistanii Pakistanii 04/28/17 Awsome guy super fast! A++ _Irish_ _Irish_
Zuzel111 Zuzel111 04/28/17 Bought 10 firecapes, went very well, gave me a bonus one and was accommodating to issues that arose. :) Will be back. Jayyy Jayyy
Dark Rain Dark Rain 04/28/17 Sold us 140m osrs, flawless trade, thanks :P Probemas Team Probemas Probemas
vl4d4s vl4d4s 04/28/17 sold 150m ChefBoi ChefBoi
ChefBoi ChefBoi 04/28/17 sold us 150m 07. tyvm vl4d4s vl4d4s
liliwang liliwang 04/28/17 so best rs2hot , we will do best , rs2hot with 12 years games exp ' , 24/7 Live Help · More Promo Every Month · 100% Delivered or Refund hope you focus on always online Dasiyhuang Dasiyhuang
ThePlug ThePlug 04/28/17 Did some quest 4 dis plug A++ Madlib Madlib
Madlib Madlib 04/28/17 did some quests for me ty ThePlug ThePlug
Brody Brody 04/28/17 Massive thank you to Brody for my fire cape! Very fast and definitely recommend using his services! MicrowaveCarrot MicrowaveCarrot
Killer flea Killer flea 04/28/17 Did DT for my pure very quickly GoldCOCAINE GoldCOCAINE
ChefBoi ChefBoi 04/28/17 Sold us 100m 07 @ :) DivicaChloe DivicaChloe
DivicaChloe DivicaChloe 04/28/17 sold 100m ez and fast payment! ChefBoi ChefBoi