Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Medici Medici 08/17/17 Swapped 25m rs3 to 07 with us at boglagold Apith Apith
styxofgold styxofgold 08/17/17 Sold him my account - went nice and easy A++ peterpk peterpk
peterpk peterpk 08/17/17 Bought his mauler, he went first. Fast, easy deal! ty bud Vouched +1 styxofgold styxofgold
im a muppet im a muppet 08/16/17 recovered acc I bought killer454 killer454
Kaii Kaii 08/16/17 So fast and easy. Love the service WeWillRise WeWillRise
javidamme javidamme 08/16/17 Thanks for trading with us! Kaii Kaii
Kaii Kaii 08/16/17 bought 60m really fast and cheap will buy more soon javidamme javidamme
Silentaim Silentaim 08/16/17 Thanks for trading with us! Kaii Kaii
Juksu Juksu 08/16/17 Thanks for trading with us! Kaii Kaii
Kaii Kaii 08/16/17 Bought 25m on, Very fast and super easy. 10/10 will buy again! Silentaim Silentaim
Kaii Kaii 08/16/17 Bought 9m through, everything went smoothly. Juksu Juksu
eclipsedsm eclipsedsm 08/16/17 just did 40-50 agility for this guy hes a great guy to work for A n X A n X
aesthetixs aesthetixs 08/16/17 did some powerleveling for this guy such a nice person great to work for hope to work for you again A n X A n X
A n X A n X 08/16/17 bought some skill levels, good price and he was very nice. gave constant progression updates and was completed super fast. would recommend. aesthetixs aesthetixs
swagnugget swagnugget 08/16/17 Sold him 20m thanks :) 309jmk 309jmk
Partypeteshop Partypeteshop 08/16/17 Bought 25m 07 thanks!! swagnugget swagnugget
Pie_Overlord Pie_Overlord 08/16/17 Sold them 80m, quick and easy thanks a lot :) Dragonborn X Dragonborn X
Mike Koosh Mike Koosh 08/16/17 Absolute pleasure to deal with, i bought an account off him and i've never had a better trading experience. HIGHLY recommend A+++ jc4noobs jc4noobs
Bogla Bogla 08/16/17 Legit, fast and hard to beat. cfav91 cfav91
jc4noobs jc4noobs 08/16/17 sold him my hcim for $40 via pp he went first all nice and smooth hope you enjoy the acc bro :) Mike Koosh Mike Koosh
L_egit L_egit 08/15/17 Sold my RS3 acc to him for 110m OSRS GP, we used a middleman recommended by him, and it all went smooth, 10/10, would trade with again. Blindguard Blindguard
Kodak Black Kodak Black 08/15/17 bought tonnes of 07 from me via btc, thanks Dieze Dieze
Daniel Angelin Daniel Angelin 08/15/17 brought 23m off me via bogla A n X A n X
A n X A n X 08/15/17 sold me 23m 07 gp, good person! Daniel Angelin Daniel Angelin
Paris Paris 08/15/17 Wore a shirt. DopeAssFreshPrince DopeAssFreshPrince