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  2. A lot of NMZ bans have been rolling in recently, I received one on my main this morning too, they're obviously cracking down on nmz. Bot smart guys and gals!
  3. only used this script on my main and received a ban today on my main fully maxed in combat minus the range. doesn't change the fact that this is still a v good script, I was just unlucky
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  5. RandyRon

    Opinions on this logo?

    Designing a logo just to design won't land you good results, it looks okayish, but since theres no target, theres no theme or anything
  6. RandyRon

    Drank 8 beers to get drunk ama

    Goal should be to enjoy the beverage, not get wasted asap
  7. RandyRon

    Could this be OSRS bot detection system?

    Have never had auto turn off when hand-training at NMZ, perhaps if the system suspects youre botting, thats one of the "tests"
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  10. Today
  11. King_Reigns

    Smoke Rune Runner 1m-3m/hr

    Works fine for me. Make sure you have stacks of all items , including air talismans.
  12. Idk pretty useless guide tbh. No comparison between mobile and PC, only mentions Mobile in the title and twice in the article. Ended up being another generic "money making guide", and a bad one at that. Was expecting a mention of the different banking/dropping methods. Seems like just an excuse to advertise your website.
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  14. Hello, I have an out dated python script that works on the mobile gaming app called Empire four kingdoms. The script was pretty solid however they have made changes in the past year and a half that have made it obsolete. I am looking for someone to help take up the script and make it operational again. Is this something this forum could undertake and work with me and a couple of other players that are familiar with the script? Any and all advice is greatly appreciated as I am somewhat new to this environment. Thank you
  15. Made some big changes, I expect a couple bugs may crop up. What should be fixed Stuck at doorway doing ArdyKnight Climbing down ladder when doing Pickpocketer - Ardougne Knight at bank Full inventory without pouches (should eat food to made room)
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  17. Daniel


  18. myogs

    Buying / Selling OSRS / RS3 GOLD

    Why does nobody say how much they buy and sell for... How much usd/M do you buy for
  19. ThePlug

    buying iron arrows, bronze arrows

    buying millions i pay paypal or rsgp
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