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      RSBot logging into the wrong account   09/22/17

      There is no sensitive information being sent, only the username and script list. Nothing to worry about regarding computer/account security. It's just an issue with the server sending the wrong script list out, most likely a caching issue.   We are working on the issue and it will be resolved shortly.   In the mean time, feel free to run the script(s) that appear in the list (even if they are premium but you haven't personally paid). This will not affect anything and everything will be back to normal shortly.

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  2. Having issues gaining weight [Serious topic no trolls]

    so its almost like some how i shrunk my stomach and i need to be able to eat more rather than feeling full?
  3. hay can you give me the verified rank for discord my discord account is bob432626#9202


    1. Yoshiki
    2. bob432626




      are there any market restrictions like in another bot you can repose every 5 hours

  4. LVL 37 magic accounts 500k each

    ok sry for the bad post i dont post much on here
  5. LVL 37 magic accounts 500k each

    yup looks good :)
  6. LVL 37 magic accounts 500k each

    is everything else good?
  7. LVL 37 magic accounts 500k each

    not all the accounts are the same some might have more HP then the other depends if i wanted to splash or kill cows is that still ok
  8. accounts for sale

    Please post the required pictures.
  9. LVL 37 magic accounts 500k each

    If the accounts are all the same, one picture of the stats, login, and blackmarks should be fine. (saves you the trouble of posting 10 pictures of essentially the same account)
  10. =LUCKY IVY=r rs3 be carefull

    If a script is having problems, please post the issue on the script's designated topic. Also please use the ban discussions thread for discussing bans like yours.
  11. LVL 37 magic accounts 500k each

    i see, do i need to add all account's black marks, all account's stats, and all account's login screen
  12. LVL 37 magic accounts 500k each

    Links are fine, but you didnt post all of the required pictures.
  13. LVL 37 magic accounts 500k each

  14. Today
  15. I get logged on to other peoples accounts

    Thank you my dude ^.^
  16. Online now - Add TL57 on Skype (Runescape GP avatar, same as on here)
  17. @Mason

    I don't get to fist my girl even with lube. >.<
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