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  2. I'm not fighting i'm just trolling your stupid ass. You're the one that's getting really angry and defensive. Fucking teenagers these days, no sense of anything... Just cocky little bastards. Go get a job or something little boy, i'm sitting on $70,000 in my RRSP and only work 4-5 months a year doing construction. Have fun making my lunch for the rest of your life.
  3. you're the 25 year old faggot who makes tons of money yet is here fighting against a 17 year old with petty insults such as these. and you tell me to grow up? how very fucking hypocritical of you. I truly wish I could be just as cool and rich as you. now once again please never talk to me again, id spend my time doing something more enjoyable than argue with a super mature guy who only has petty insults to come with.
  4. Lmao you need some serious mental help kid. I bet you're bullied in school and come here to talk shit. Seek help little boy. You started talking shit and now you want me to stop? Lol I make more money in one year than you'll ever make in 5.
  5. ''popping legal substances is not even close to what i do.'' that doesn't even make sense, by saying that you're basically claiming to do hard drugs but I know what you're trying to say is the oppsite. cant be too easy being retarded that's not to say i've never been drinking with my buddies, that was just my first geniuine party to celebrate something and get really fucking drunk. what the fuck lol, how am I pretending to be a little boy, are you actually retarded? also you did ask for donations in one of ur shit threads when u were complaining about how shit ur life was and how u barely had any money to pay ur rent or some shit like that. you said something along the lines of ''i dont really need donations but i would definitely appreciate it''. can you just stop fucking talking to me you stupid pothead, nobody gives a fuck if youre 25 years old and spend all day playing runescape and smoking pot
  6. What's wrong with pot? It's going to be legal here soon and I also have a medical marijuana card. I'm 25 bud. Grow up little kid.
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  8. Same, I'm not surprised though. Several times I'd find my account frozen on a single tile, so it's a pretty obvious bot.
  9. Got banned pretty quickly with this :/
  10. you are the shitty crackhead here and we both know, popping legal substances is not even close to what i do. in regards to your age, you have to be 17 then. Having your first party at 17 is as lame as having it at 19 not too much difference anti-social "traplord". When did i ask for donations? asking for 1m osrs isn't even a lot nor did I mean it seriously. Get your facts as straight as you pretend to be little boy. I don't use more makeup than the average girl and imo it's a part of womanhood, atleast one that I don't want to miss and I very much enjoy. The fact that I'm capable to do it just like any other girl (or even better) shows my dedication.
  11. rutgerfct is an anagram of "rt cuter gf" who would ask people to retweet about having a cuter gf than him? a cuck who is a cuck? OP of course OP IS FRAMING HIMSELF FOR SCAMMING
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  13. Online Now! If you need Unbanned, message me at the following: Skype - SephiroflUnban Email - Zardoling@gmail.com
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