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  2. pingvinszar

    *PRE-ADV* [S] Lv42 DEF Quested RunePure with Lv75 ATK Lv99 STR

    * BUMP ! * GMT+1 12:40
  3. 24/7 uptime @  Come visit us for the best service in town!
  4. 24/7 uptime @  Come visit us for the best service in town!
  5. 24/7 uptime @  Come visit us for the best service in town!
  6. Can’t get script to start mahogany tables keeps fetching demon butler but just stand there’s.?
  7. Sasuke Uchiha

    Looking for MONKEY MADNESS 1

  8. DHL

    RSBot not working

    Topic Title:scipts not working Java version: download from apple website, follow the guide in RSBot website RSBot version: rs7080 Game version: RS3 Operating System: MacOS RSBot Log: ? RSBot Settings: (Did you select an account before running a script(yes), did you select run until stopped(nope), did you click run for 2 hours(nope)) Script used: f2p woodcutter / master miner/ basicfisher Steps to reproduce: at first it just state that I need install Jkd java, after I solve this problem then it become this way..
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  10. Enjoying the script thus far man, thanks for this. If you can look into the Superglass make that would be awesome. Currently when using either regular seaweed or giant seaweed the script is slow and kind of clunky at withdraw. With regular seaweed it will use the new (X) feature to withdraw 13, but will use the ALL button for the buckets of sand withdrawing 14 of them. Then after it casts the spell it will deposit the molten glass and that extra bucket of sand, spending a lot of time in the bank. With giant seaweed it only withdraws 2 and it does it by pressing the (X) option and typing in the number 2, rather than just clicking it twice which would be faster and more lifelike. I would also like to suggest it withdraw 3 giant seaweed and 18 buckets of sand to increase experience and profit per hour. Picking up the few extra molten glass on the floor would have to be coded in though . Currently getting 12K magic experience per hour, compared to the expected average value of 30-40K magic experience an hour. The script works, but with it being the most profitable spell on the bot, I was hoping it was going to be flawless. I’ll most likely end up going back to flax spinning spell due to these issues. Thanks for your involvement with the script!
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  12. Instant account delivery upon purchase check us out
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