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  2. Online @ ,feel free to contact livechat or skype
  3. If another script writer hasn't taken this up in a week or two, I'll write one if I'm satisfied with my current scripts. Maintaining too many scripts is a pain in the ass.
  4. Are you familiar with the term hikikomori
  5. Got reported, what to do next?

    If you've been botting then simply 1 report from 1 guy does justify a ban against you
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  7. Scam Report - rswalmart

    Scammers username: Rswalmart Scammers Profile Link: So i gave them 80m and my skrill email, turned out that my skrill account isn't working so i just asked back for my gold, and they are taking ages now to refund. logically thinking i'd say that they should keep the gold till its confirmed that i've received the funds(unless using payment methods that arent instant, which is not the case here, because skrill is instant), but they didn't prepare for that scenario and gave away my gold right away, which is wrong imo. can also link a video proof of me giving them 80M If necessary. proof of them confirming that they still owe me 80M they told me to message their manager, which i did, then i see their manager on for 5 hours and when i ask one of their workers why manager isnt replying, they tell me" on dinner" lmao what kind of bs is that if i saw the manager on a while back. here is me messaging their manager, and not getting any replies(i was told that the manager would be on in 12 hours yesterday, and it has been maybe 15-20 hours now, i also messaged the manager yesterday but still no reply): my skrill account got terminated after i verified it, dont know why, so i dont have accounts to receive money on, so i just want a refund. it's going to hit 48 hours soon since i've told them to refund me gp.
  8. LF 73-83 slayer

  9. LF strength xp

    15gp/xp range 17gp/xp for str
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