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  2. The bot is down rn. Just wait until it's fixed then it'll be pretty self explanatory
  3. Did you see @Mooshe's comment right below? It was a safe assumption, no need to offer pointless input.
  4. The bot is down so you can't currently bot/set anything up. You can get scripts by adding them(+) in the scripts tab. They'll show up once you log into the client
  5. these prices are off the chart lmao i can do 40m asap
  6. nice meme
  7. clearly the solution to all your problems is to stop dressing like a woman and fucking guys for money.
  8. All he said was it sounded familiar. Why do you assume he was talking about you? Defensive af
  9. What were you looking for, for the account? And does the email you registered to it, come with it?
  10. :)
  11. 13 hours later, bot still doesnt work....
  12. bump
  13. People just like to target people that they think they have done wrong to feel good about themselves that's just what the internet is about
  14. Don't feel like seeing a bunch of people bandwagon on misinformation lol
  15. Willing to pay money for it looking for f2p or member looting bot pm me on here a price thanks!
  16. I know, I'm just saying that was the norm back then, and Elvemage was clearly one of the least retarded bonobos.
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